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  1. helo. i just saw your post about the 2pm photobook. kinda envy of you. err can i know how much does it cost? cause ive been thinking about it. and wer did u get it since i have no idea wer shud i get it. i would be happy if you reply this as soon as possible. thank you so much.

    Fiqah from Brunei 🙂

    • Hello Fiqah..
      The photobook is a must have item! Hehehe…got it though malaysian 2PM hottest club for..hmmm i don’t really remember.. Its below RM120 i believe. If u look under they have it.. 😉

  2. I see that your friend? got you the 2pm kitty cape from Korea?

    Do you know where they got it and what brand it is etc?
    I’m looking to get one for my little sister….

  3. oh. i already check it at yesasia.. is it the same price with malaysian 2pm hottest? do u have the latest album hands up?

    • hello…
      its too expensive if i order from yesasia.. and any 2PM official related won’t count on the chart if i buy it from there… good things theres local fanclub who handled everything and we ordered in bulk and its count to kchart tu help the boys win music chart etc….
      yeah! ordered the Hands Up Special Edition album and it will be here this week! ^^

  4. really? wah so i guess i am too late to order it right? sigh. i really want the special edition album. because i find it expensive from yesasia. do u know how can i contact the hottest in malaysia? oh wait, can u tell me the price? i really have no idea now. this is my first time for this thingy. =.=

    • The order from myhottest is closed already.. I don’t think they have 2nd batch order.. For special edition limited for 30000 only.. So slim chances. If yesasia sells SE then no option and buy it from them.. (˘_˘”) … The price for SE Hands Up is 105MYR 😉
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