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You can’t imagine how excited i am waiting for this day to come! Ive been soooo nervous since theyve announced the date for the 2PM comeback trailer…it is more painful waiting when there’s half an hour more bfore the release.  mix emotions, butterfly all over ur tummy, dizziness, contraction and uncontrolled bladder….At 2PM 25th March 2013…. The 2PMtrailer has released!! OMFG!!! OMFG!!! I can’t breathe!!!!! Goosebumped while watching the trailer! Its so F awesome!!!! I cried okeyyyy!! Its this feeling of waiting for so long (for Korean comeback)…Proud of 2PM and a proud hottest who r patiently n calming waiting for this moment ㅠㅠ MIND BLOWING!!!!!

Here’s the trailer screencaps!



My opinion on this 1.26 minutes trailer ;

1.  It’s very dark scene… Feels like the pirate of the caribbean, LOTR or twilight’s era.

2. Coffins involved..theres 6 of it ofcoz oppars in each of it based on their initials on the coffins. There’s peoples who throw those coffins off the cliff into the deep sea.

3. LG phones everywhere. It has to do a collaborated between 2PM and LG.. Theres someone (still dont know who is he) who wore ‘G’ necklace. We’re puzzled a lit bit turned out its for LG Optimus G Pro phone..LOL!

4. Coffins are sat in a very deep sea… Looks rusty and old for its been a longgg time there! Okey! I am sad looking at this scene.. Its oppars inside ofcoz…

5. Its the time!!! Clock r ticking from the phone and sandtime (?) With the climax music… It unlocked the coffins!!! Saw someone swimming to the surface! Its like…..ahhhhhh the beast has been been unleased!! Whoahhhhh!! Oppars gonna rule the world!!!!!

6. 2013.5! ! So we all know the comeback will be taking place in MAY!! Its a month++ from now!!

What a GREAT  feelings i have right fact hottests do feel the same!! This is our moment! This is the time!! 2013 gonna be the year of 2PM!! Though we have to wait a little bit longer (till May) but believe me..its gonna be the most amazing comeback ever!!

Watch the trailer, plz!! 2PM trailer

This is indeed #WORLDCLASS2PM!  /flips hair

The Wait Is Finally over!!!!!

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After 2 years of waiting….. Its finally over!! Good news for hottest in da whole world!!!

JYPE confirmed the 2PM comeback 2013 and the teaser will come out this Monday, 25th March 2013. It’s like 2 days from now!!!!!! Asddghjjklllajhgdhfjfkkgjdhsha I CAN’T REALLY WAIT FOR THIS!!!! Its a big scale international comeback! Its gonna be EPIC!!!!!! CRAIIIIIIIII….









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Like finally!!!!!
Its been more than a year since 2PM asia tour… Im so happy the photobook n dvd has been released!! Weee… Got it for myself coz this is a totally must have since i went to their concert in Malaysia, November 2011. The photobook is really thick and heavy! Like! Like! Hehe








I was featured in that photobook too! Lol…well only my back actually but ofcoz im happy! Hahaha…… 1 frame with oppars!! Kkkkkk


^_^v ….. confirmed!

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Hello November!!!! its 1/11/11..

im so so friggin excited !!!!!! Finally my trip to KL CONFIRMED!!!! arrggghhh! can’t really wait!!!

Thanks to my friend, Azi for helping me with the tix!

Super Excited to meet MissB! and other friends!!! we so gonna have so much fun!! InsyaAllah…

im gonna be in KL 2 days before 2PM concert and will be back 2 days after the concert!..

D-24 #2PMinMY

Congrats Myhottest!!

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I wanna di this short entry of 4 of my MYHottest friends who entered the JYPE official Soompi 2PM’s Hands Up video/photo contest.

on 30th of July 2PM announced the finalist and Malaysia Hottest under ‘RinaKeiko’ are listed!!! waaa!!! even masuk list final entry pn i dah bangga sgt2!!…

JYPE official Soompi 2PM contest Finalist


And yesterday..they finally announced all the winners! and yeah!!! Rina, Timah, Mili and eton was announced as the winner of ” humor photo ” ( vid on 1:06 ).. Congratz, gurls!!! seriously im so proud of you all!! Rina!! uve always said that ure unlucky in winning something! but THIS!!! is the daebak’est’ price uve won!!! im so so happy for you!!! ❤ ….

The way taec’s says ‘MALAYSIA’ is soooo sexy!! kekekekke ( i raep the replay button like a zillion time!! ) … and when he said ‘RinaKeiko’ i was like screaming (in my heart) coz im soooo Happy!!! and Woo lak ckp ‘congratulations!’!! mesti ko happy kan, Rina?? kekekke..Gurls! the photo looks awesome too!!! its totally represented our home land, Malaysia! ❤ ..woo lak ckp ‘congratulations’! msti ko happy kan, Rina??? kkekekekeke we shud hang out lepak2 and gets our drinks up ( teh tarik FTW!! :p )

JYPE official Soompi 2PM contest

Congratz to all the winners !! Hottest FTW!!!

2PM Hands Up photovideo contest by Soompi

The Angelic Voice of Kim Junsu

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‘Song Immortal 2’ featured some of the best kpop idol vocalist of this generation, singing songs of veteran singers and will be judged by the singers and 200 audiences. There will be no ellimination, but each idols will be assessed through their weekly performances in terms of their progress. The show aim’s is to display the singing progress of these idols to the general public and for them to be able to perform their own renditions to the song they will sing and to not imitate how their seniors sang them.

Since i’ve watched KBS ‘Song Immortal 2’ (on KBSW).. I just can’t stop replying Junsu’s performances!! Damn!! his voice are the best among the best!! Soulful voice! i get the feel good feeling whenever i hear his voice!

This is my most fav performance/rendition of Junsu in ‘Song Immortal 2’ ..Song by 주현미 – 잠깐만 ( just a moment ).

skip to 01.30 ..but ill suggest you to watch from the start coz you can see nichkhun, Wooyoung and Taecyeon! LOL


The oroginal version


He’s a talented singer and also composed his own song ‘HOT’ ( 2PM 2nd Album ‘Hands Up ). I hope to see moreeeee from him in future!!!

2PM’s comeback!!!!

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24th June 2011 ( Friday )

as for its Nichkhun’s Birthday..Its also 2PM comeback on Music Bank!!


its only like 15 minutes after Music bank been broadcasted LIVE.. #2pmisback is already on NO 1 Topic Trending ( TT ) worldwide!!

I am myself…Shaking and nervous waiting for their performances!!

2PM performed 2 songs

‘Like a Movie’..and ofcoz ‘Hands Up’!

omg! omg! omg!

words can’t describe how happy i am finally got to see the boys back on stage!!! not another dark/sad2 song! but this is totally a happiest song 2PM has ever sang!!! I cried on the 1st song ‘like a movie’…kekekekek…and when they performed ‘Hands Up’ omg!! hottest are the loudest!!!!! awesome!!!! i heard there’s 450 hottest were there cheering for 2PM!!!! EPIC moment!

Not long after Music Bank ended, JYP post this on his twitter account



no more sad story..Let’s be happy and fly with 2PM!!!!