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Hello 2014

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Wow!!! How fast time flew….its already 2014! Wehooooo……

2013 passed with so many beautiful things and hateful things…i guess it balanced….i will not gone through a good time without a bad time for sure…theres no perfect life…

I was very busy last year…overload works..but Alhamdulillah it gone pretty smooth…regretted a little abt spending time wit my close friends n for myself..but i will do better this year..InsyaAllah…..

Ive listed my 2014’S bucket list aka things i wanna do/want for 2014…just a simple wishes…not like i want to travel the world but atleast it is for me to do in 2014….ill reveal one by one through ig if i fullfil that wish….lol

Theres no 2014 resolution for me…thats so 2008..haha…just hoping that this year will go by with such a blessing…a days to be thanful and full of joy..InsyaAllah….

Heres a 1st pic of me on 2014!! Yeah!!




LOL…… Its like an abandon blog over here… LOL

Nahhh….im not abanding u, dear blog….its just ive been busy for the few months…hikss (standard answer)…

So…yeah! Lots of things goin on…. Im still working at JTK..contract extended for 3 more month! Yeayyyy….. My nephew married last august….. Im gonna be a grandma real soon….. Im in an urge to find  nice nickname for my grandchild to call me…. Dowan her to call me ‘nenek’ hahahaha…..

Sad news…my uncle (mom’s brother) passed away early this month…… Al-Fatihah……. Kenduri Tahlil was held in my hse… Got all the relatives gathered for the whole week (sampai hari ke7)….

Hmmmm…other than that…hurmmmmm….. Just a regular old same days……

Okey! Tata


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Wow!! Its been 3 months since my last post here…. Ive been super duper busy with things….. I think im busy than superman trying to chase the bad guys…lol (i lied…superman doesnt exist!)….. But yeah…busy bee till i cant find time to write!

Ill summarize everything thats happened for the past 3 months ^^

1. Started working (May) at JTK (Jab.Tenaga Kerja) contract for 3months (will end on 31 July..ㅠㅠ)

2. Office invironment is so nice i dont have any problem with staffs and bosses..everyone is so nice and sporting!!

3. Daily routines at office always involved FREE FOOD! Arghhhhhh….mcmana nak diettttt?? Tskk!

4. New found nicknames of me! By collegue…. Like… Ade Wahyuli, Dewa, Adewiyah wahyune, yoon (they thought im chinese) LMFAO!!!!!!

5. I hated someone at office! Just this 1 coz she’s super annoyed!!

6. I called this 2 staffs at office ‘abang’ and turn out theyre YOUNGER than me..lmao…

7. My bfast and lunch partner is always my cousin coz she work at 6th floor same building as me..

8. Can’t update much on CAKeWALK & CHANtique… Sobss…. I think ill resume online bussiness after Raya.

9. My cousin got engaged last May and within a month theyve been fighting and wanna call it quit.. TWICE!!!! And some things that are nasty happened (this is the time when i think i dont wanna have a life partner..i dont wanna get married and i want to live alone!)

10. Didn’t buy 2PM’s give me love bcoz i haz no money…

11. 2PM comeback!!!!!!!!  Ashkdldfjhfjdkslajshhdjdklfhfhdkslslahsjd… I love all the song in GROWN!!

12. Bought 2PM’s GROWN cd ( i forgot which version ) and got my sexay bb’s huge poster!!! /hug poster…..

13. Watched ‘Gu Family Book’ on my way back home from work. This drama is so goooooood…… I think now im a fan of this kind of drama… Joseon era, traditional/warrior costumes.. I LOVE!!!!

14. Passed on buying Junho’s mini album (Japan released)… ;_________; sorry bady……….

15. GROWN Grand Edition released!! THIS!!!! I dont think i can buy this…sobssss……. (where the hell is money tree grows?? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ)

16. Friends goin to WTTI in seoul-The finale concert….jelly belly bean….but im happy for them! ^^

17. I dont get this one friend’s attitude…i dont know what is ur super annoyed at that…let’s not have any conversation with each other.. I dont think u take me as a friend of urs anymore… And im okey with that. Babai…

And today….im not in good mood…. I dont wanna talk to u ever again anymore…..sobsss… Go awayyyy!!!!



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Malaysia General election is on 5th May 2013 (sunday) which is my 1st ever experience of voting. Got really excited to vote along with my cousins. So, on that day… Mom & dad are going 1st since we are not voting at the same station. My brothers, cousins & i are going at noon. SK. Kayau is more like di ‘ulu’ at my place..and yes! Its the 1st time also going there…hihiks!


This is Sekolah Kebangsaan Kayau which is my station to Vote…


Met 3 SPR officers and got this slip after checking my IC and name. The hardest part was lining up! The line is so long ㅠㅠ. . My cousins just have to wait 1 minutes before they can vote… I think ive lined up (along with my brother) for abt 20 minutes! Sobss.. There’s 3 channel room to vote and channel 3 is for people aged 35yo and below.. muda2 remaja lah kt line aku..kkkkk


Tadaaaaaaaa…. Im officially voted for a better future! ^^…. Thou i really don’t like the blue ink on my finger but thats the prove that i have voted! (but the person yg bubuh ink tu so messy laaa..nak je suh die letak cntk2 n rata..hahaha ) The voting results r taking too long to finish ㅠ ㅠ beside getting nervous abt the result, im wondered if monday is public holiday..kekekeke No public holiday and goin to the office with a sleepy



The result…… No more comment (cuz i am Baiiiiiii……

Happy Birthday 2 me….

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I turned 31 yesterday (22nd April 2013)

Thanks to my lovely friends and family for the sweet wishes…. MissB’s hashtag is da best…i love u loads!!! ^3^….

Hmmmm…worst bday ever but im thankful for everything….. ;’)


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Ive downloaded this bcoz of Khun!! Too bad i can’t find khun’s play house! ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Hmmm..its kinda fun actually…we’ll see how long can i play/manage my play house when i have 345642245 other games on my phone! ㅋㅋㅋ


Anyone who play this can add me ‘yuneade’ and please give me lots of ♥! Hikssss…


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You can’t imagine how excited i am waiting for this day to come! Ive been soooo nervous since theyve announced the date for the 2PM comeback trailer…it is more painful waiting when there’s half an hour more bfore the release.  mix emotions, butterfly all over ur tummy, dizziness, contraction and uncontrolled bladder….At 2PM 25th March 2013…. The 2PMtrailer has released!! OMFG!!! OMFG!!! I can’t breathe!!!!! Goosebumped while watching the trailer! Its so F awesome!!!! I cried okeyyyy!! Its this feeling of waiting for so long (for Korean comeback)…Proud of 2PM and a proud hottest who r patiently n calming waiting for this moment ㅠㅠ MIND BLOWING!!!!!

Here’s the trailer screencaps!



My opinion on this 1.26 minutes trailer ;

1.  It’s very dark scene… Feels like the pirate of the caribbean, LOTR or twilight’s era.

2. Coffins involved..theres 6 of it ofcoz oppars in each of it based on their initials on the coffins. There’s peoples who throw those coffins off the cliff into the deep sea.

3. LG phones everywhere. It has to do a collaborated between 2PM and LG.. Theres someone (still dont know who is he) who wore ‘G’ necklace. We’re puzzled a lit bit turned out its for LG Optimus G Pro phone..LOL!

4. Coffins are sat in a very deep sea… Looks rusty and old for its been a longgg time there! Okey! I am sad looking at this scene.. Its oppars inside ofcoz…

5. Its the time!!! Clock r ticking from the phone and sandtime (?) With the climax music… It unlocked the coffins!!! Saw someone swimming to the surface! Its like…..ahhhhhh the beast has been been unleased!! Whoahhhhh!! Oppars gonna rule the world!!!!!

6. 2013.5! ! So we all know the comeback will be taking place in MAY!! Its a month++ from now!!

What a GREAT  feelings i have right fact hottests do feel the same!! This is our moment! This is the time!! 2013 gonna be the year of 2PM!! Though we have to wait a little bit longer (till May) but believe me..its gonna be the most amazing comeback ever!!

Watch the trailer, plz!! 2PM trailer

This is indeed #WORLDCLASS2PM!  /flips hair