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about me

I’m just a simple and caring person who love to laugh…

Live in the LAND BELOW THE WIND…Sabah..

A fulltime baker and own an online business called ‘CAKeWALK’
and an online shopping business called ‘CHANtique’

Love to watch KDrama

Crazy and addicted to 2PM !! (Fangirling forever!)

I love 2PM and 2PM only!!

CHANtic! kekeke (Fangirling mode is here tooooo!!)

A Proud HOTTEST!!!

Twitteraddict! and mostly i spazzes 2PM and KPOP related!

My blog is where i can express my thoughts..sharing happy and sad moment…and just write whatever i want! hikhikhik

BerrycherryNana comes from StrawBERRY, CHERRY and baNANA.. why?? coz i love Chansung!!! LOL

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  1. hye there….eh i nak tanye, mane u dapat album hands up 2pm tu? n how much is that? i really love them too. could u plz reply me via this emel address… or

    i prefer the 1st emel. ๐Ÿ™‚


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