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Hello 2014

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Wow!!! How fast time flew….its already 2014! Wehooooo……

2013 passed with so many beautiful things and hateful things…i guess it balanced….i will not gone through a good time without a bad time for sure…theres no perfect life…

I was very busy last year…overload works..but Alhamdulillah it gone pretty smooth…regretted a little abt spending time wit my close friends n for myself..but i will do better this year..InsyaAllah…..

Ive listed my 2014’S bucket list aka things i wanna do/want for 2014…just a simple wishes…not like i want to travel the world but atleast it is for me to do in 2014….ill reveal one by one through ig if i fullfil that wish….lol

Theres no 2014 resolution for me…thats so 2008..haha…just hoping that this year will go by with such a blessing…a days to be thanful and full of joy..InsyaAllah….

Heres a 1st pic of me on 2014!! Yeah!!


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