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Malaysia General election is on 5th May 2013 (sunday) which is my 1st ever experience of voting. Got really excited to vote along with my cousins. So, on that day… Mom & dad are going 1st since we are not voting at the same station. My brothers, cousins & i are going at noon. SK. Kayau is more like di ‘ulu’ at my place..and yes! Its the 1st time also going there…hihiks!


This is Sekolah Kebangsaan Kayau which is my station to Vote…


Met 3 SPR officers and got this slip after checking my IC and name. The hardest part was lining up! The line is so long ㅠㅠ. . My cousins just have to wait 1 minutes before they can vote… I think ive lined up (along with my brother) for abt 20 minutes! Sobss.. There’s 3 channel room to vote and channel 3 is for people aged 35yo and below.. muda2 remaja lah kt line aku..kkkkk


Tadaaaaaaaa…. Im officially voted for a better future! ^^…. Thou i really don’t like the blue ink on my finger but thats the prove that i have voted! (but the person yg bubuh ink tu so messy laaa..nak je suh die letak cntk2 n rata..hahaha ) The voting results r taking too long to finish ㅠ ㅠ beside getting nervous abt the result, im wondered if monday is public holiday..kekekeke No public holiday and goin to the office with a sleepy



The result…… No more comment (cuz i am Baiiiiiii……

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