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I’ve been trying  to migrated from WordPress to  Blogspot like yesterday…stay up till 5am just to  learn how to export and import  old entries to  the new blog….  Click this! Click that!…Save this! Save that! bla bla  bla…. my blogspot is finally up!! excited….blog looks nice..everything is okey at that point.

Installed Blogger apps on my Note and everything works just fine… Ive decided to write an entry from my Note and when i hit the PUBLISH button…. it FAILED!!! ‘network error’? i dont know what thats mean internet connection works just fine and fast!

Tried to sync everything related to the  blogger apps…. and ive noticed 1 thing. checked  on the sync with blogger apps then its auto unchecked!!! its like it refused to sync :((((((

Such a headache trying to syncing phone to the blogger apps…i gave up!! such a waste…..

So….. Gonna use  wordpress again though its  not really user friendly….at least its  easy blogging from phone.

bye bye blogspot….Hello (again) wordpress….keke

kthxbai ( oh! its 4AM sharp when im writing this…lol )

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  1. i use wordpress too unnir! kkk


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