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2PM Arena tour DVD – Republic of 2PM

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Finally! Free timeeeeeeee….lol
Let’s write about this dvd..

2PM arena tour dvd 2011..Japan released… EXPENSIVE!! ;______; But a must have items too bcoz there’s a solo performances and most important…it has BACK2U!! Ovaries needs to be explode! Trolololol…

I have only 1 dissapointment with this 1 thing… The package is so common../sigh.. Pay a lot of money but only like this package? /doubleSigh….. They couldve done much2 more nicer since its expensive… From this point, i realized that Korea released is moreeee nicer…and pretty cheap too…. Comes to mind that maybe i can skip oppars’ Japan release in future and focus on Korea release…but..lets see if i can stop myself from buying Japan release…kekeke… I know 1 coming out very soon… 2PM new single ‘masquerade’.. /TEMPTING!!! kekekeke..

2PM Arena Tour 2011 – Republic Of 2PM dvd
1. Intro
2. Hot
3. Electricity
4. Hands Up
5. I Was Crazy About You
     Tired of Waiting Remix
6. Move on – Junho + Wooyoung
7. I Can’t
8. Give It To Me
9. Ultra Lover
10. Stay With Me
11. My Valentine xmas vers Taec+Khun
12. Revenger – Chansung
13. I’ll Be Back Japanese vers
14. I Hate You
15. Back2U
16. Alive – Junsu
17. Without You
18. Crazy In Love
19. Take Off
20. 10/10
21. AAA
22. I’m Your Man
23. DSCS
24. Heartbeat
25. Thank You
26. 10/10 + Hands Up remix
And 2 Japanewe tracks ( i forgot the song title..OTL )

Been playing this dvd 123456789 already….it feels like im in a their concert last november…. Uwaaaaaaa…i miss opparssssssssss




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