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What is under ‘on hold’…

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Lol…. Since ive got my new phone, it will be super easy for me to update my blog..but couldnt find time to do so.. Its Ramadhan month and im kinda busy…though im not doin any baking or working at a booth..i even didnt bake any Raya biscuits this year…sume main beli je…

So…what is under ‘on hold’ entry??? Theres two!!

1. RO2PM arena tour concert dvd
– Havent blog about the dvd yet…ill put some time to write soon…^^

2. MissBds trip to sabah!
– What a fun fun time we had!! Overload photos and joyful memories we had! Ill write an entry about it sooonnn… ♥

Just wanna wish friends and family…SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFIRTI..
Mohon ampun dan maaf jika ade kesalahan sepanjang perkenalan kita…. ^^ have fun y’all!



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