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Their 1st trip to the vet clinic

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Pretty excited today coz its Jojo, Coco and Roro 1st visit to the vet clinic… These 3 were my pet since theyre born.. (Gaeko and Gizmo was ‘kucing pungut’ lol)

Ni br confirm yg Jojo and Roro is siamese while Coco is a regular cat breed… Sian Coco da mcm ugly duckling..kekeke…

Got their 1st vaccin jabs today but not Jojo sbb demam..sobs… Sian… So die mkn vitamin and antibiotic jab jer… The doc is nice….

Roro have issued being caged while Jojo didnt even care…keke.. Coco is more like easy goin kitten so i let hee uncage in the car…

Owh.. Coco and Jojo is a female while Roro is the male hero.. ^^

The next appointment. .end of this month..cant wait! Lol…



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