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Missbds trip to Sabah

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Waahhh… Nak 2bln br la ader free time + good mood nak masukkan entry nih..kekeke..

Happened from 4th July – 7th July 2012..finally its missbds holiday to Sabah! And myhott Mai n anubd’s friend, As.. Weeeee… Uber excited wlupn mula2 cam bnyk je halangan… Keke.. Tonbd..wish ure part of this trip too..sobsss..

1st day.. Different arrival.. Just chill out around kk till everyone arrive.. Having lunch at kak nong’s restaurant..forced to took photos at Marina was raining heavily at night..instead of having dinner at Anjung Senja we decided to just having our dinner at nearest place with our appt..mamaks! Kkkkk…

2nd day… Our trip to national park! Before heading to Kundasang, we stopped at the UpsideDown house..this is my 1st time im no different with my friends..kkkkk…. So the invironment.. Weird things was when we’re inside the house which is everything upsidedown too, felt so dizzy…lol…………
off to national park… I am truly don’t know whats canopy walk means..kekeke… I thought it was like a nice walk with the greenest views and just enjoy nature…turn out it was an uphill walk and reach the point where we have to use the ‘jambatan gantung’ to go down..OTL!OTL!OTL! … was already tired climbing the hill and its slightly raining on that day then gonna face the canopy walk!!! Im afraid of height..sobsss… No other way to go down..sobsssss… 5 kali jambatan gantung yerrrrr…. 5!!!.. Others had no problem crossing the canopy walk… It was damn hard for me and monbd.. /hugs canopy walk OTP..sobsss.. BUT!!!! We made it!!! Yeayyyyyy…. We conquared our fear!! Bila fikir balik… Rsa lega dpt buat bnda ni coz bila lagi kan?? Da tu ngan besties sume…harus la nak jugak gagahkan diri… Tp cukup sekali..da xnak daaa..hahahaha…
Da penat2 pstu relax jap kat hot spring… Jap je kot rendam kaki dlm tu…panas gile… Hilang gak penat mendaki…
Next..Dairy farm… Tgk lembu2.. (teringat gmbr i ngan milibd kt fb tp caption ‘bergambar ngan lembu’ kkkkkk…..) very nice view… Tp bila nak tgk mount kinabalu salu je kne ttp fogs…views very the new zealand’ish’ gittew…kekeke..
Pit stop for that day…pudding kelapa stall and seafood dinner at gayang…

3rd day… ISLANDS!!! decided to go to 2 island.. Sapi & Mamutik… This i regretted so much…. Sbb xmandi…huwaaaaaa… Knpa ler xde towel..sobsss…
Breathtaking views…. Bila yg lain2 kt dlm air..i main kat pasir jer..kekekeke..owh! I forgot what it is..the things that milibd n anubd naik..kk..paragliding ker? Lol..
Dinner kat blkg pasar pilipin… Ikan bakar!!!! Im not a fan of any kind of fish but seriously the ikan bakar there is so sedapppppp…. Ngam sambal pstu ada ulam2 lg  fuhhh! Berpeluh makan…kekeke
Last stop for that day..pasar malam… Memborong segala jenis few souviners for tonbd tooo…^^

Last day….. Sobsss  ;(
Xde wat pape..just packing2 n ready to checkout… I should stay till everyone is leaving but my friend came early plak.. Sobs.. Seyes sedih aritu sbb xtau bila lagi kita jmpa kan?? Hope our friendship grows stronger than ever.. Smpi bila2. .
Thanks for this wonderful memories.. Ill cherish forever…hope to see u again…(oppars come back so we can reunite..kekeke)

I love you missbds…ure my sweetest friends in da world… Lets meet again in future.. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

The end.. ^^

Here’s some of our photos from our trip… Uploaded 12345678 more on fb… ^^






2PM Arena tour DVD – Republic of 2PM

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Finally! Free timeeeeeeee….lol
Let’s write about this dvd..

2PM arena tour dvd 2011..Japan released… EXPENSIVE!! ;______; But a must have items too bcoz there’s a solo performances and most important…it has BACK2U!! Ovaries needs to be explode! Trolololol…

I have only 1 dissapointment with this 1 thing… The package is so common../sigh.. Pay a lot of money but only like this package? /doubleSigh….. They couldve done much2 more nicer since its expensive… From this point, i realized that Korea released is moreeee nicer…and pretty cheap too…. Comes to mind that maybe i can skip oppars’ Japan release in future and focus on Korea release…but..lets see if i can stop myself from buying Japan release…kekeke… I know 1 coming out very soon… 2PM new single ‘masquerade’.. /TEMPTING!!! kekekeke..

2PM Arena Tour 2011 – Republic Of 2PM dvd
1. Intro
2. Hot
3. Electricity
4. Hands Up
5. I Was Crazy About You
     Tired of Waiting Remix
6. Move on – Junho + Wooyoung
7. I Can’t
8. Give It To Me
9. Ultra Lover
10. Stay With Me
11. My Valentine xmas vers Taec+Khun
12. Revenger – Chansung
13. I’ll Be Back Japanese vers
14. I Hate You
15. Back2U
16. Alive – Junsu
17. Without You
18. Crazy In Love
19. Take Off
20. 10/10
21. AAA
22. I’m Your Man
23. DSCS
24. Heartbeat
25. Thank You
26. 10/10 + Hands Up remix
And 2 Japanewe tracks ( i forgot the song title..OTL )

Been playing this dvd 123456789 already….it feels like im in a their concert last november…. Uwaaaaaaa…i miss opparssssssssss



What is under ‘on hold’…

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Lol…. Since ive got my new phone, it will be super easy for me to update my blog..but couldnt find time to do so.. Its Ramadhan month and im kinda busy…though im not doin any baking or working at a booth..i even didnt bake any Raya biscuits this year…sume main beli je…

So…what is under ‘on hold’ entry??? Theres two!!

1. RO2PM arena tour concert dvd
– Havent blog about the dvd yet…ill put some time to write soon…^^

2. MissBds trip to sabah!
– What a fun fun time we had!! Overload photos and joyful memories we had! Ill write an entry about it sooonnn… ♥

Just wanna wish friends and family…SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFIRTI..
Mohon ampun dan maaf jika ade kesalahan sepanjang perkenalan kita…. ^^ have fun y’all!


Their 1st trip to the vet clinic

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Pretty excited today coz its Jojo, Coco and Roro 1st visit to the vet clinic… These 3 were my pet since theyre born.. (Gaeko and Gizmo was ‘kucing pungut’ lol)

Ni br confirm yg Jojo and Roro is siamese while Coco is a regular cat breed… Sian Coco da mcm ugly duckling..kekeke…

Got their 1st vaccin jabs today but not Jojo sbb demam..sobs… Sian… So die mkn vitamin and antibiotic jab jer… The doc is nice….

Roro have issued being caged while Jojo didnt even care…keke.. Coco is more like easy goin kitten so i let hee uncage in the car…

Owh.. Coco and Jojo is a female while Roro is the male hero.. ^^

The next appointment. .end of this month..cant wait! Lol…



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Testing from my new phone.. ^^