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Im kinda in da mood to write on my blog (PLUS! the internet is super fast!)… Its 04.03am rn and im still awake..coz im watching football!!! EURO2012! The match is between Holland and Germany (group B) and the ‘hitler’ leading by 2 goal.. wow! haven’t watch football for a while now..I don’t really have any favourite team on euro2012 but actually im rooting for England..Then i watched their game last sunday and im really dissapointed! /sigh… It was toooo boring!! argghhh… im cussing from the cough for the whole 90+ minutes…lol.. Let’s just enjoy euro and pick my fav players! kkkk…

owh! i got my 2PM’s Beautiful CD already! weeeeeeeeee.. Thanks to lovely admins of MYHottest! ^3^ .. I got Junsu card this time..He’s so Handsome!!! to be honest, when i look at the photobook..i found all Junsu’s photo are really great! He got the best shot of them all… I’ll write a post about it later today…..

**Van Persie scored just now…. Holland 1 – 2 Germany (Iklan) lol

Hmmm… Im so boring i don’t know what to do each day…. i will back to the baking business soon, InsyaAllah… /sigh /sigh… I don’t really wanna move back to KK home.. but what to do… we’ll see… Hope ill be fine…… ๐Ÿ™‚

MissB’s Trip to sabah! OMG!OMG! can’t hardly wait!!!!!!! we gonna have so much fun BDs! looking forward to it! ^^…

What else……. oh! i got new blog theme!! kekeke.. its so hard to find a good themes coz its limited…. i like blogspot’s themes…but i no longer use blogspot.. The reason im wit wordpress coz i wanna blog from my blackberry and there’s no blogspot apps for blackberry…. now my blackberry is back with the lappie all the time… Kinda frustrated coz i even borrowed my brother’s phone to tweet! kekekeke… poor me…so kesian….

OK! i’ll write again pretty sooooon… byebye for now….. ๐Ÿ˜€


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