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ByeBye April..Hello MAY!!!

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Time flew fast as usual…lol…
its my month and as for now, its my favourite month!lol…
The most relax month ! I’m jobless for a month already… Wow!! No money, no talk lorr…kekekeke

Its My birthday month… Too bad i didn’t get any pressie this year…lol but i always accept late birthday pressie.. So even its in May, June, July and so on.. I still wanna receive bday pressie…lol

My life everyday.. Woke up, watch tv, eat, nap, eat, watch tv again… Sleep late at night and woke up late each morning! Hahahahahaha.. I’m gaining weight too!! OTL! OTL! OTL! Owh! And flu almost everyday… ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ….. Since couple of week..due to the flu.. Its hard for me to breathe well ;____; hard to sleep…. Sobsss… The main reason must be my addicted to nicotine… I gotta make a limit to myself.. Not gonna be healthy everyday..gotta take care of my health…

Work… Urghhhh.. Can i start working again?? I’m so bored n tired of waiting already.. I wanna work againnnn… Hopefully by May i can finally start working… I need to work! Huhuhu

I’ve chance to watch ‘RedSoul’ this month!!! Wow!! The best!!! Had so much fun aat their showcase event here in KK…. Miss ’em soo much!!!! ♥

Owh! Its wooyoung’s month toooooo… /sep woo! Kekekekeke….

Hmmm what else eh?? Hmmmm.. Ahh! I need new handphone!! ㅠㅠ berryboo keep heating up by itself everydayyyy… Lagged pretty much often everydayy.. I cant wait to get a new phone ..

So, let’s enjoy the upcoming May… May it be good to me and to everyone i know… ^^ let’s enjoyyyyyyyyy

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