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Potato onion fritters

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Since I’m at home and i don’t know what to do.. I spent my time at the kitchen the most!! Usually at breakfast and lunch time…

I’m so boring today and decided to cook while waiting for ‘Rooftop Prince’ repeat show.. hurmmmm nothing much at the kitchen but if u have flour, well u can make a delicious meal!!

So i make Potato onion fritters or ‘jemput2 bawang dan ubi kentang’ or ‘cekodok’ kekekeke… Its very simple and yummy!!! You should try it!!

~~Tadaaaaa~~~~ my potato onion fritters!!! YUM!YUM!

Gonna share the recipe here!! Very simple and easy as 1 2 3! Kekeke

1 onion ( Chopped 4 – then thinly sliced )
1 potato ( Thinly sliced )
Add flour , a pinch of tumeric powder, salt and water ( depends on ur need )..
Deep fry till u have golden fritters!
DONE!! (ˆ⌣ˆ)

Dip in a chilli sauce or Thai sauce… Omnomnom!

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