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SoulMate to my ears….RED SOUL

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I still can’t believe that i’ve met RedSoul yesterday!! I had so much fun at the showcase! and the fact that they come to my city to perform is still shock me…hehehe…. Blast fun night i had and excited bcoz this is my baby bro, woo2 1st korean performance experience… He’s the one who introduced me to Red Soul long time ago!.. They’re famous for doin covers of various artist and ofcoz my favourite is the Tik Tok+Heartbeat cover. 😀

Red Soul is a Korean Acapella group. their vocals and harmonization is off the hook! dem!! hearing them singing live is no different to the recording voice! definitely worthy watching their performances!

Members :-  Jeon Tae Ik, Lee Haneulyi, Hwang Tae Ik, Kim Ki Hyun and Kang In Chang

So GLAD that ive made the decision to go to their showcase after minor spazzes wit deary Timbd! bcoz i was so jelly jelly bean by her story!kekekeke….. My nephew, Hazeeq works at Party Play. He’s the one who told me that Red Soul gonna be here.. Called him and got our tixs reserved them me and woo2 zoom out to KK! wehoooooo…..

Party Play , Lintas

They sang few songs from their 1st album… some english song…. KPOP medley songs included 2PM’s Hands Up and a Malay song!!! the lyric is so cute and funny!!! “terima kashi, sama-sama..” something like that!!! kyopta!!!!!!!!!!!! The interacted wit fans is so good! they’ve been dancing and singing with the fans..I’m suprised there’s a group of ‘soulmate’ (Red Soul’s fanclub) here in kk.. They dominated the 1st 5 row and wearing all red shirt.. Red Soul are so happy! i Hi-5ed Kim Ki Hyun like 3 or 4 times during the show!

They’re ready for autograph session … Kim Ki Hyun is looking at my camera! so cute!!

My 1st sign CD by Jeon Tae Ik…. The crew beside him is like telling me ‘no photo please’… opppss! sorry! we smiled to the camera already!! kekekekeek..

The cutest, Lee Haneulyi… 🙂 why arent we look at the camera!! i think timbd will be more jealous if we’re holding hands and smile to the camera! kekekekeek… im joking, timbd….

I adore him the most!!! me with Kim Ki Hyun….. he’s cute!!

The AMAZING Red Soul! come back to Malaysia soon!!

My signed CD!! Jeon Tae ik put a double love sign beside his signature..d’awwww… and i love how Kim Ki Hyun and Haneulyi  put an arrow to their photo so i can know which one is signing…kekeke….

I’ve lost for words describing how amazing Red Soul is! They’re so talented and i hope they get known around the world! the show is only yesterday but i already miss them a lot! i wanna hear their voice again!! ;____; .. melted me so much!! menusuk ke kalbu, gitew! kekekke… i’ve uploaded photos to my FB from last night show.. u can view here . I reall love TIMBD ‘s entry about RED SOUL in KL.. feel free to read her story here

Done writing…. time to listen to Red Soul CD!… bai….


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