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ByeBye March..Hello April! ^^

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Time flew so fast!
Its Already 1st of April 2012! Happy April Fool Day! lol.. There’s so much trolling on twitter rn…kekekeke…owh! and today is 2PM 3rd Fanmeeting โค

A good month for me…. ;D
Moving back to my parent home! Weee…. Painted my own and just relax/chillax at home…
Since my GreenCard is not done yet, i cant go to work… So now, ill just wait for the confirm call… ๐Ÿ˜€

Bittersweet coz this month is the last time i bake… Cousin is definitely not doin CAKeWALK yeah.. Sad ..;_____; ill bake again someday (aiming for July..coz Missbds will be here! Zyeahhhhh)

Hmmmm wht else? Hmmmmmm
I dunno..kkkkkkk

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