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Arrived on monday ( 26th March 2012 ) weeeee… Hepi!!~~~~ sempat smpi bfore i balik umah parent.. Thank you so much, Rinabd.. ♥

~Love the album cover! ^_^ .. Kinda beatles isk…everyone looks very handsome even its in black and white cover ♥__♥ ….

Album titled ‘ 2PM BEST 2008-2011 in Korea ‘… 15 tracks with 2 bonus track! ‘Alive’ by Jun.kay and ‘Move On’ by Junho and Wooyoung…. The reason why i bought this CD are the 2 bonus track!! Japan released are always too expensive but i will regret if i don’t buy this….

My 2PM stuffs is growing…. I love seeing all of it in 1 place… ^^

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  1. Annyeong ^^ nice blog. Just want to ask something, all of 2PM’s CD from their first debut till now, apakah dijual di Indonesia semua? atau ada yang ga dijual di Indonesia (maksudnya hanya ada diluar negeri)? Ditunggu balasan komennya. Gomawo =]

    • Hello Cindy… I’m not really sure bout the Indonesian Market coz I’m frm Malaysia.. 😉 … Here in malaysia, I’m not really sure too if they have all 2PM’s album.. I bought all my 2PM CDs directly from korea.. ;D Thanks for visiting my blog (ˆ⌣ˆ)


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