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So…Hye! Feels like ages since the last time i update my blog… but really its just been a few days! haha… Time flew so slow these days.. huhu…

I’ve been busy baking and baking and baking everyday.. Alhamdulillah…. in between… i kinda addicted playing these games! kekeke.. Since my cousin’s Ipad is always at home.. so im feeling like it were!! kekekeke…


*My own folder on her Ipad…. ^^

2 apps for Twitter ( i used Echofon more! ) not tweeting as much as i used 2 to but i checked my timeline once a while..

3 addicted games! Bakery story, Fashion and Cityville

LearnKorean apps.. hurmmm… basically its about pronounciations.. have to buy/upgrade for full version.. ceh!



* Bakery Story!!! main reason why i played this game was TAEC! but too bad i can’t add him dued to his pending and over limit requests. MissB’s Mili and anubd also playing this game.. kkkkkk



*Suggested by my cousin, Lynda… This game is so much fun!! i owned a fashion boutique! lol! i wish!!



*CityVille!! this is Berry CherryNana Ville!! where Oppars! JYP, 2AM , Miss A and Wonder Girls live! i even included Ian Choe to the community! LOL! Bussiness premises named after 2PM too! so hard to play actually.. i cant wait to it to be bigger!….


With all this im playing in my free time, i abandoned my novel reading… its nearly finish but im too lazy to read! haha.. ill finish it someday! ;p


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