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EXCITED and “waiting list”

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Happy and excited coz i’ll be baking again!!! Weeeeeeeee…. Its been more than a month since my last baking session.. Though i will be busy, but its better than doin nothing! Its good to be relax and chill for a whole day.. But this is kinda too long vacay! LoL… Need work so that my purse can be fill wit moneh! Kkkkkk .. Been accepting more order and Alhamdulillah customer still trusted me to do their cupcakes and cakes.. So do the new customers who kept calling me for a date book.. I will be available as long as u book me for at least a week

Happy and excited NO2! LOL… Gonna buy the 2PM best from MyHottest! Weeee… Thanks to my bro, Andy for paying the album! Kkkkkkk… Hard to decide between vers A and B… But i think vers B is so gonna worthy cuz there’s ‘Alive’ and ‘Move On’ while Ver A got DVD concert frm Saitama, Japan… So! Ver B it is! ;D

Hmmmm.. Been on waiting list for abt 2hours now…. #BlameAA .. Sobs… Air Asia promotion airflight tix only from RM19! Thinking of goin to KL to meet my beautiful MissBDs in Sept.. So, we’ll see…….


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