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I’ve set this 1 target to achieve this year but now i think it is not nessesary for me to do it… 😦 Kept thinking about this for the past few days and i think I’m gonna take down the goal…

My target was to buy/get individual PhotoBook of 2PM in 2012.. So i have to buy 6 Individual PB .. Recently I’ve been so obsessed about kept checking on the PB, the shipping rates, finding more peoples to buy it together (for cheap shipping cost) and calculating this and that ammount.. 1 PB cost more than RM100 and if i buy all 6 this year its gonna cost me more than RM600.. Thats a lot of money! Huhuhu…

I think i just have to forget about this target and focusing more on buying 2PM’s albums or maybe if i have extra money to spent i’ll buy the unofficial merchs. Have to cut down ‘unnessesary’ things for me. its important! Believe me.. But let’s think more about spending money on something else.

Let’s make new target! LOL … ~here we go again!~~~
γ…‹ γ…‹ γ…‹ γ…‹ γ…‹ γ…‹
Simple… Buy bias PB or DVD or whatever la ( if i had an extra money )
Kthnxbai.. ;p

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