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January 2012

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Slow starts ( for me ) ….

I think i’ve just wasted a month just like that… ;_____;

I’ve no baking session in January coz cousin decided to take a month off .. I felt empty… and my baking room is such a mess!!! Thankfully i’ve clean it up yesterday! coz ill be back in bussiness on February! Alhamdulillah :).. Orders are coming in fast! InsyaAllah more to come!! ^_^

Hmmm… goin through depression (kot) ..sbb tak buat apa2!…. Invironment lak tak best jadik lagi tension mengadap ape2 kt sni…. Nasib baik balik kampung for abt a week.. ni baru betul2 relax!! hehehe.. Back to reality..InsyaAllah okey…..

No business means no money, lor…. Seyes i dont have much money yet wanna buy everything in da world! #exaggerate.. kekekek…. #AnythingRelatedTo2PM.. bought PIA mags and 2PM board jer..

on CNY… we had a family gathering! BBQ dinner at Rumah Besar.. and 1 family meeting which is last weekend.. I dont want to write details on the meeting but 80% peoples are pissed!! kekeke.. Kinda funny too… 1 thing for sure.. My niece, Gegirl will get married end of this year… ( i can now be prepare if she have baby next year, im gonna be Granny (?) ..OTL OTL OTL… More good news… My bestie, Tom also gonna be married this year….. Happy for them 😀

January is my cousins’ birthday.. Fieda (13th), Kak Betty (17th) and Kak N (21st).. Also my parent’s 35th Anniversary… 🙂 .. Only celebrated Fieda’s Birthday.. Others, wish2 jer… hehehe… Mom & Dad, though i didn’t celebrate ur anniversary..u always know how much i love you guys….. Forever………

Its JunBros’ Birthday tooooo….. <33333333333

Sad news… I’ve lost my aunty.. Not the close one.. tp kalau kenduri kawin salu je tlg masak2 sume… Ajam also lost his brother, Izwan…. Hope Ajam sentiasa tabah…. Al-Fatihah…… Junsu… ;_____; he lost his father 5days ( i think ) after his birthday……. ahhhh~~Junsuya… be strong…..

That’s it….

So i hope… February will bring happiness to me.. and i want to be busy as usual again…. more family gathering…. and anything involve the word ‘HAPPY’ and ‘GOOD’…. InsyaAllah, its gonna be okey…….  :))))))


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