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what is this… :(

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I don’t wanna be here anymore…..
I just want to go home… ;(
I’m stressed.. I’m upset… I’m sad…

My right arm hasn’t recover yet… And my tummy hurts mostly everynight… I have pathetic life rn…..
I know it’ll pass…. But i want it to end rn.. ;'(
I miss my family…. I’m tired just being here….
I’m tired of everything here…. This is totally not a good invironment for me…

;_______; haihhh…. *sigh*

“One thing came to my mind today while I was reading..In order to be happy, you have to know what makes you happy.If you have a dream or ideal, the efforts you make to realize it become a part of your happiness.Happy people are the way they are cuz they know hot to make themselves i right?!”…
~Trans crdt : 2PMalways
~Chansung’s tweet (10 minutes after I’ve done this entry)……

But baby.. Happy people are not always on happy mode even they’re think they knew how to make themselves happy… There will be a time when theyre not happy..might be sad..upset or stress.. Thats the ups and down in life….

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