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Today… 15th January 2012! Its Kim Junsu’s 25th Birthday!!! Happy Birthday, Mang!!! ^3^

As usual, Hottest had a trending party on twitter! Trying makin #JunDyuDay reach TTWW ( Top Trending WorldWide ) .. Unfortunately.. It didn’t make it at No1 ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ .. Only Managed to be at No3 ( Worldwide ), No3 ( Japan ) and No2 ( Indonesia ) … Funny how #JunDyuDay appeared 3rd on TTWW for like a couple of minutes only! ( Twitter Hates us! Sobs )… But its okey… It was THERE! Thats what’s important!




Timeline ar like all using Junsu’s photo as DP! Getting confused! Kekeke… And the fun thing was.. MissB planned to use the same photo as DP! HOW COOL IS THAT, huh?! Kekekeke… Thanks Monbd for the brilliant idea! Its not only us who got confused.. But most of our mutual tlist! Hahahaha… Then wawa, rina, nurul and nina decided to use same DP as us! Kekekeke let’s get confuse togetha!! This is totally fun things to do!!! Can’t wait for Junho’s bday!! Kekekeke…..

~Our OneDay DP~ shhhhhhhh…..

Dear Kim Junsu…
Happy 25th Birthday, Mang! I wish u’ll have a blast and fun journey throughout the year. Keep making good music and keep singing ur heart out.. You’ve touch me with ur angelic voice and I’m so so proud of you.. I love youuuuu ^3^

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