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Woo’s Fantalk!!

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Epic day! Finally woo’s fantalk in twitter!!! Its happened yesterday 11th Jan around 8.30pm…

His friend, ian help him out to do this fantalk in English..though i doubted at some of the tweets being typed by ian but i had fun!! ^_^ … Spammed his mention like crazy, but no reply..kekeke… Its okey..i asked like tons of nonsense question! Hahahaha…

Then some!.. Lots of people bashing on ian for cockblocking woo’s fantalk! Kekeke.. Omg!! So childish! For some point, yeah! Ian kinda ‘tumpang glemer’ (replying khun using woo’s acct).. But let it pass laa… If its not bcoz of ian, woo wouldn’t have this kind of thing on twitter…I’m just tryin to think in a positive way.. After all, THIS!!..made my day… Thanks woo.. Thanks ian! ( ˘ ³˘)

Owh! Junho also tweeted in English!! Impressive! Maybe its ur turn to do fantalk, emperor! (ˆ⌣ˆ)

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