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Happy 2012!!!!! ^_^

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Happy New Year!!!!! yippie!!!!

Had a blast new year celebration with fams!! Same as last year, we’re taken our 2days holiday in Kundasang but in different holiday spot!!! been booked this place since Dec 2011! LOL!… Just finished uploaded the Bedjo’s Family day on FB! ( Haven’s sleep yet! kekekeke )… Its over than 1000 photos taken from 2 camera only! OTL!! decided to upload only 585 onto FB’s album! thats alot!! hahahha..

ย *****

Azam Tahun Baru??


Ada ke eh??? kkkk.. Rasanya azam standard kot!! sama je every year… 1st, nak bisnes bertambah maju…. for self..xnak tension2 slalu…huhu.. dealing with customers and orders always stressing me out! LOL.. So, Hopefully tahun ni leh handle ngan baik and teratur…. especially the last minute order!! klau bleh nak elakkan sebanyak yang mungkin ๐Ÿ™‚

2nd.. To be a better person!! ye laa.. msti la nak jadik lebih baik dr tahun2 sblmnya kan??? im much better each of the years, kna tnya kat sapa2 yg rapat la kan?? kkk..

3rd.. good and reliable daughter to my mom and dad!.. a good sister to my brothers.. ๐Ÿ™‚ .. alhamdulillah so far, xde la masalah sgt!! family getting so close and im beyond happy!! Alhamdulillah!! โค

4th…Good health! for the past year.. ive been sick more than once in a month!! its bcoz of lacked of sleep and too tired!.. my working hours are usually started in midnight… InsyaAllah ill get better this year..



Klu boleh nak gi holiday kat mna2 dgn kerap! (wlupn cam mustahil jer)… Tak kisahlah kat mna!! InsyaAllah luar negara! ngehngehngehngeh..Plan ader jer… tp tu laa..InsyaAllah terlaksana..

Buys every 2PM albums! Korea release and Japan release! Korea release tu mmg WAJIB!! klu Japan release kne tgk kepada kewangan diri laa.. Almaklumlaaa.. keluaran Japan mmg mahal!! ;______; .. Part lain2 cam merchs ke hape ke..kne bergantung kpda kewangan pada masa tu gak laa.. im no rich! so kne la timbang tara mna2 yg mampu….

ATLEAST!! i want to buy 1 photobook made by fans for each of 2PM member!! Up until now, i don’t have even 1 individual photobook..not even my bias, Chansung.. ;___; … so yeah!! thats my target! ๐Ÿ˜€


Hopefully i’ll get through everything throughout the year 2012…InsyaAllah..and i do hope for happiness surrounding my families and friends!! Let’s rock!!!


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