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Fun Day…. ;D

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1st of all.. Merry Christmas!!!… Today is also my cousin’s birthday… Happy Birthday, Mico! 😉

Papa call suh balik kg.. Sbb banyak durian!!.. Hmmm not really a fan if durians..but my cousins are!… So, since cuti arini, we’ve decided to go back home! Gi beli 2 biji kek kt secret recipe.. Cheese cake for Mico and carrot cheese cake for us…

Bnyk durian kat umah ye… Memula xnak makan tp last2 bnyk gak i makan! OTL…kena la bnyk minum 100plus.. Sbb tkt panas sgt.. Xnak demam skrg.. (Mintak dijauhkan)…. Pastu layan lak ‘Running Man’… 2 episode… The hiphop episode and old episode (hyunyoung as guest)… Gelak gile2 seisi keluarga! Best sgt2!!! ❤ …

Sempat la nak bincang2 sal family day trip in 6days!! Weeee can’t wait!.. This year, we’re goin to Ranau again but different stay.. Last year we’re at Zen Garden and Celine but this time we gonna be at Kinabalu Pine Resort… Hopefully tmpt tu sejuk or more sejuk !!!! Hopefully sume berjalan lancar! InsyaAllah……

A month ago, on this date….. 2PM concert in Malaysia… Sobssss.. I miss that moment!! I miss oppars! I miss MissBds! Ahhh~~bila la lagi dpt camtu.. Sobssss…. Rindunya nak enjoy2 tgk live concert 2PM!! And i miss the bubbles moment!!! Last week..msa nak clean drower..nmpk my bubble bottle…. Pstu smpt main bubbles….. ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ

Pasni nak buat keje lak…. Nak wrap presents for exchange gift family day nnti…then nak cuci kain yg bertimbun lak!.. Huuuuu… Then tomorrow last baking session bfore cuti panjang!! Weeeeeee

Merry xmas, y’all! ( ˘ ³˘)

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