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Miss Beauty pageant!

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This entry dedicated to my niece, yeesha!

This is the very 1st time she participant in beauty pageant… not a big competition but its big enough for her..

She’s 8 y/o.. a day before, we go shopped for her dress along with my cousin… too many beautiful dresses can be found these days… so pretty!!1 🙂 .. she decided to choose a really pluffy purple gown ( since her favourite color is purple..just like me )  So head to toe, all purple! 🙂

Yesterday is the day for her competition and the fun things was.. i got to dress her from head to toe! included her hair, make up and other things.. she so annoying! like bugging me with this and that..bla..bla..bla.. Can’t even sit still when im doing her hair and make up!.. but yeah… kids!… have to deal with that..

took about more than 3hrs to finish because i lost my curl tong iron so i have to do her hair manually.. if not i can really save time.. touch up over here and there..she’s finally done!! and she looks so cute!! ( im a proud stylist ) kekekeke.. spent a little time 2 practice catwalk as well… so funney!!..

cousin, fieda posted her video doin a catwalk at FB and it only lasts abt 20 second.. she totally forgot her practiced catwalk! LOL.. nervous offcoz!!! mind that.. most important, she won!!!! yeayyyyyy.. me, her mom and other cousin like waiting for the result from home and when we found out she won, feeling like crying!LOL.. i felt like a proud mom! hahahaha..

Congratz to Yeesha for winning the beauty pageant competition!.. we going to do the same next year!! kekeke

 The before and after photo! and i let her wore my bora ribbon! she looks so sweet!


 Final touch up! ❤


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