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Wow!! Its been so long ago since i read a novel.. Forgot what’s the last novel i read! Kekekeke..

So… I’m started reading again (in fact I’m on 5 minutes break from reading now..LOL) let’s see how long do i take to finish 1 book! Kekekeke

Currently reading : Audrey Niffernegger’s “The Time Traveler’s Wife” ( 546 pages ) ..

Still on the early stage but its getting interesting! 화이팅 to self!! ;D

Start : 10th Dec 2011 (saturday) ..
End : 26th March 2012 (Monday) ..

~took me so long to finish this one book… Kkkk… Finally done wit this.. Aahhh~~~i love the story…. It make me sad…… I don’t think i can live wit a time travellers… 1 minute ure wit him.. Then he’s gone ;_____; … Back wit bruises and might be dead….. ㅠㅠ

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