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Fun Day…. ;D

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1st of all.. Merry Christmas!!!… Today is also my cousin’s birthday… Happy Birthday, Mico! 😉

Papa call suh balik kg.. Sbb banyak durian!!.. Hmmm not really a fan if durians..but my cousins are!… So, since cuti arini, we’ve decided to go back home! Gi beli 2 biji kek kt secret recipe.. Cheese cake for Mico and carrot cheese cake for us…

Bnyk durian kat umah ye… Memula xnak makan tp last2 bnyk gak i makan! OTL…kena la bnyk minum 100plus.. Sbb tkt panas sgt.. Xnak demam skrg.. (Mintak dijauhkan)…. Pastu layan lak ‘Running Man’… 2 episode… The hiphop episode and old episode (hyunyoung as guest)… Gelak gile2 seisi keluarga! Best sgt2!!! ❤ …

Sempat la nak bincang2 sal family day trip in 6days!! Weeee can’t wait!.. This year, we’re goin to Ranau again but different stay.. Last year we’re at Zen Garden and Celine but this time we gonna be at Kinabalu Pine Resort… Hopefully tmpt tu sejuk or more sejuk !!!! Hopefully sume berjalan lancar! InsyaAllah……

A month ago, on this date….. 2PM concert in Malaysia… Sobssss.. I miss that moment!! I miss oppars! I miss MissBds! Ahhh~~bila la lagi dpt camtu.. Sobssss…. Rindunya nak enjoy2 tgk live concert 2PM!! And i miss the bubbles moment!!! Last week..msa nak clean drower..nmpk my bubble bottle…. Pstu smpt main bubbles….. ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ

Pasni nak buat keje lak…. Nak wrap presents for exchange gift family day nnti…then nak cuci kain yg bertimbun lak!.. Huuuuu… Then tomorrow last baking session bfore cuti panjang!! Weeeeeee

Merry xmas, y’all! ( ˘ ³˘)

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Miss Beauty pageant!

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This entry dedicated to my niece, yeesha!

This is the very 1st time she participant in beauty pageant… not a big competition but its big enough for her..

She’s 8 y/o.. a day before, we go shopped for her dress along with my cousin… too many beautiful dresses can be found these days… so pretty!!1 🙂 .. she decided to choose a really pluffy purple gown ( since her favourite color is purple..just like me )  So head to toe, all purple! 🙂

Yesterday is the day for her competition and the fun things was.. i got to dress her from head to toe! included her hair, make up and other things.. she so annoying! like bugging me with this and that..bla..bla..bla.. Can’t even sit still when im doing her hair and make up!.. but yeah… kids!… have to deal with that..

took about more than 3hrs to finish because i lost my curl tong iron so i have to do her hair manually.. if not i can really save time.. touch up over here and there..she’s finally done!! and she looks so cute!! ( im a proud stylist ) kekekeke.. spent a little time 2 practice catwalk as well… so funney!!..

cousin, fieda posted her video doin a catwalk at FB and it only lasts abt 20 second.. she totally forgot her practiced catwalk! LOL.. nervous offcoz!!! mind that.. most important, she won!!!! yeayyyyyy.. me, her mom and other cousin like waiting for the result from home and when we found out she won, feeling like crying!LOL.. i felt like a proud mom! hahahaha..

Congratz to Yeesha for winning the beauty pageant competition!.. we going to do the same next year!! kekeke

 The before and after photo! and i let her wore my bora ribbon! she looks so sweet!


 Final touch up! ❤

1 day trip with Taecyeon… ;p

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Hehehehhe.. I don’t know if this a new or old! My cousin shared this link to me on, since aku xde wat pape ari nie.. meh lah main benda nih!

Its Interactive movie where you can create your own story with 2PM and Miss A!….


Mula2..kne la create ‘arrival card’ (al-maklum laa..nak gi korea kan) kekekeke..

 dah siap!! arrival card or passport kononnya… gmbr pn leh sukati je letak.. lentok2 diva i! kekekeke

wehooooo ( cam betul! )


 Nak jalan2 kat korea, kena la ader companion kan??? jalan sorang2 hrs boring nnti!
 Ingat nak jalan2 ngan Chansung.. tapi xde dlm list… so klu nak berdua duaan kne la pilih taec oppa! weeeee…
 tu dia….. taec!! *caption* ‘hey! it’s been so long!’… wah!! i fren2 ok ngan taecyeon!! hahahahha..
 sebelum jalan ( naik moto peluk2 taec, tau…kk )..kne la selca dlu kan???
da ready da!!! jom!!!!!!
 dia bawak motor..laju, okey! tak smpt pun nak menikmati pemandangan kota seoul.. konon2nya aku la duk kat blkg dia tu… tp figure cam lelaki kan??? xpe laa.. aku maskulin sket! kkkkk
 oooo..tu pasal la bawak motor laju kan????? in a hurry la pulak!…
 Da smpi satu tempat…Taec suh lari2 bagai sbb nak cpt smpi ke destinasi.. jauh jugak nak lari2..apsal la kita x naik motor je, bang…
ada game lak! kne la lompat2 elak mengelak!..hehehe
 lari2..elak mengelak..lompat sna lompat sni.. smpi aku jatuh!! mamat korea ensem ni tolong aku!*jatuh chenta pandang pertama* best ni jatuh balik2 berharap die tolong lagik! kekekekek
 Ni masa taec bawak gi makan… tetiba teary eyes! kenapa??
ada game lagi!!! weeeeee….
main cepit2 makanan.. i scored 10 out of 10..alaaa bukan susah….hehehehe ni ‘Nakjibokkeum’ translated as stir fry octopus..very spice! thats y taec had a teary eyes ! kekeke
sempat 3G call ngan kawan lama!!! waah!!! ensem sungguh kwn2 aku!!!
 da jmpe!!!!! drg ngah prektik nari ke hape tu… hahahha… fei kate baju aku tak seswai nak gi kunsert!!
 fei bawak gi kedai ni… stylist die pn ensem.. yg ni mmg seswai nak dibuat laki nih!!! *geram*… aku nak beli smua2 yg dijual di kedai die ni n aku nak beli dia skali!! kekekkeke..ilobyu chansunggggggggg
 Nanta!!! macho ye taec main drum ader percikan air bagai! xsmpt screencaps..lupa! kekekek
 the end of the day!!…. lepak2 je tepi tasik…. taec mmg romantic ye klu nak bawak gi dating tepi tasik! kekekekeke..
 sempat la juga amik2 gmbr ngan kawan2 korea ni! kekekekek…. kena la hitam putih kan???? klu kaler nampak sgt main tepek2 muka! kurus yer aku! hahahhaha….
Gile best main benda nie! tapi agak lama gak sbb internet slow! pasni nak terai lak jalan2 ngan Miss A….
Lets play this!! hilang kan stress!!! 😀

time to read!

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Wow!! Its been so long ago since i read a novel.. Forgot what’s the last novel i read! Kekekeke..

So… I’m started reading again (in fact I’m on 5 minutes break from reading now..LOL) let’s see how long do i take to finish 1 book! Kekekeke

Currently reading : Audrey Niffernegger’s “The Time Traveler’s Wife” ( 546 pages ) ..

Still on the early stage but its getting interesting! 화이팅 to self!! ;D

Start : 10th Dec 2011 (saturday) ..
End : 26th March 2012 (Monday) ..

~took me so long to finish this one book… Kkkk… Finally done wit this.. Aahhh~~~i love the story…. It make me sad…… I don’t think i can live wit a time travellers… 1 minute ure wit him.. Then he’s gone ;_____; … Back wit bruises and might be dead….. ㅠㅠ

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best quote…

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After more than a week since 2PM concert in KL, i still can’t get over it… The withdrawal syndrome is to hard to handle.. I kept thinking about those beautiful/precious days… ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ i missed it all… I want to go back to those days.. Maybe fixing here and there.. ( Like i can, kan? ;__; )..

My everyday routine on twitter.. A day and night quote’s tweets to the handsome adorable maknae of forever pabo baby, Hwang Chansung!..kekeke.. Then, this one quote (randomly found on twitter) caught my eyes! And suddenly makes me think…..2 weeks ago.. I cried coz its over where i shouldn’t do that…I shud embrace it.. Totally not to be forgotten….

@2PMagreement211 ( ˘ ³˘) “Never be sad for what is over, just be glad that it was once yours.” ( 7th Dec 2011 )….

Yeah.. Being sad is not gonna change anything.. Though I’m sad for so many reason, but i shud be happy coz I’m there! I experienced the moments.. I’ve fun there.. I’ve met them.. ㅠㅠ
Peoples may think I’m too obsessed with this 2PM thingy… But u wouldn’t understand even i explain it to you.. U have to be part of it to feel the real feelings…

So now.. I’m gonna cherish the memories! I’m gonna smile thinking about those days… I don’t know if i have a chance to do this again.. Let’s be happy with the sweet thoughts of it… ♥
2PM i love you sfm!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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The BEST days of my life!!

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Its been a week since my fun and memorable trip to KL.. I still can’t get over it!! i had the best 5 days of my life!! met 2PM! and met my beautiful hottest friends.. living a life of a fangirl is tiring and yet! the best feelings in the world ( as for me )..

Till now, i still can’t believe that ive already met 2PM! it feels like a dream! so thankful that Malaysia listed as 1 of 2PM asia tour’s stop! its a full concert!!!! /crying…

In the bus with Timbd on the way to her home.. that is when we both got a sms from SP saying..we’re getting the hi-5 event!! asdfghjklkjhgfdsa.. spazz ala2 sopan, since couple kat sblh kita da jeling2 kehairanan! kekekeke….

23rd Nov 2011.. marked that date as my 1st time seeing them ( well, 3 of them only ). this is the day of 2PM arrival!.. Ramai2 gi airport nak sambut 2PM! what a chaos nite! kekekekke.. i was so excited getting in line 2 see oppars upclose.. once theyve come out! u can hear the screams!! OMG!OMG! berasak2 n berhimpit2 nak amik gmbr .. i remember i 1st saw Jang Wooyoung! OMG!! so handsome!! and his face is so fair!! *noona iz jeles yer* woo’s chubby cheeks iz real, y’all!! rasa cam nak gigit!!! kkk.. getting so focus on my camera for capturing their photo in the crowds and i fell!!! OMG!!! this is right after i took junho’s photo!! i was so worried that peoples will step on me.. but thank god they dont!kekekke… when i got back up again, theyre near to their van.. and i didnt managed 2 see Khun, Taec and my love Chansung! sobs sobs..

24th Nov 2011.. OMG!! the hi-5 event!!! prepared my best to look good in front oppars! ( well sort of ).. i just remembered, i sprayed a perfume on my palm! kekekek.. ( mcm la drg nak siyom tgn aku kan??? haha ).. *eyes close* the moment when i hi-5 them.. too priceless!! /nanges… theyre so close to me!! chan’s smile is the best!! and i squeezed his hand the hardest!! kekeke…. out of 6 2PM.. only khun said ‘hye’.. with his macho voice!! i said hi to 5 of them.. and i said ‘ i love you the most’ to Chansung!! /chan’s bias here.. kkkkk… rsa nak peluk je sorang2!!!

25th Nov 2011.. the concert day!! The day finally comes!! asdfghjklkjhgfdsa…we were there since 6am! da rmi gak yg da beratur… Thanks Rina coz reserved spot for us! 😀 … banyak la ragam sepanjang nak tunggu konsert start! (lama lagi yer..kk) ..xde la boring sgt… hehehe.. x igt dpt masuk jam brpa… tp bila da masuk.. lagik excited!!!! omg!! im going to see 2PM’s concert!! can u believe that??!!?? kekeke..Memula ntah sape je opening act (abaikan)… bila da start countdown.. OMG! OMG! gile excited!!!!!!!!!!!!… so hyped!! slalunya layan fancams je..kli ni dpt lak tgk LIVE dpn mata!!! OMG! OMG!.. gile best!! sape xgi.. rugi besar!! kekekke.. i loose count on how many song they sang.. what most important is their performance is soooo sooooo great!!!! non stop mostly! so bygkan lagu sambung2.. dgn dance2 lagik!! but still its getting better and better!! the excitement is still there from the start till the end! xde muka penat ke hape!! mmg worthy!!! priceless!!! sume performance sgt2 best! but my favourite is ‘give it to me’.. i dont know.. but the performance is soooo cute!! i love the dance tooo!! and ofcoz ‘back to you’!!! /hip grinds like chan! kekekke… sexy performance!! 2 or 3 seconds on each of them then my eyes focusing on Chansung!! OMG!! maknae is so sexy!!!!! his face.. his dance… asdfghjklkjhsjdhfkgljskdlf… sukar digambarkan dengan kata2!!!! the BEST!!! kekekekke… i cried when they performed ‘AAA’… hmmm dunno why.. and Chan’s solo sword perf is soooo good!! he can protect me anytime! Junsu’s ALIVE!! omg!!!! he melted me with his carisma on stage!!! too good!!!  ahhh~~i cried on ‘thank you’s performance too… its just sad lah.. and the bubbles…even its not that obvious..but its still beautiful!! 1 i regretted, the spot we chose… oppars did not pay attention 2 my side… but its only a minor regret.. the most important, im there okey!! kekekekke…waa.. rsanya bnyk je nak tulis!! tp taktau nak susun ayat! sume2 best!!!

26th Nov 2011.. so sad…. final goodbye.. sobss… da stenby kat apot sejam kot bfore drg balik korea.. moment sgt sekejap.. sobs.. i kept on focusing on their faces right after they entered the VIP lounge.. ahhh 2PM… i miss you in a second after ure dissapeared on my sight that day.. thats how much i love you guys! sobs!! we’ll meet again somedayyy……

For the 5 days trip… i wanna thank so many peoples!! 1st.. TimBD.. thanks sgt2 for letting me crashed ur crib, girl… Thanks for everything you’ve done for me.. sume2 sgt best! finally met u , kan??? ive known you way before our hottest day.. kekeke.. syg ko ketat2!! kekeke… Maduku… Anubd.. thanks sebab amik aku kat airport awl pagi.. sobs! gembiranya akhirnya kita dpt jumpa kan???? Tonbd! thanks for the ole2 from Korea!! sobs!! i love the socks, ofcoz! kekeke.. Monbd!!! eeeeeeeeeee dpt jmpe ko!! i hugged u the tightest when we met in front of wawa’s house! Milibd!! ure the cute one!! comel jer minik junho nih! rinduuuuuu… Rinabd! thanks for the ‘smudi’s treat!! nak lagik!! kkkk.. each one of you! million thanks bds! sobs! i had so much fun witchu! Hopefully kita akan jumpa lagi! luff you all!!… anyone i did not mentioned.. i luff u guys tooooo…. on concert day, thanks for the freebies, guys! the stickers.. the cards, the fans… sgt best!!! :)))

2PM.. this may sound so lame.. but yes! i love you sfm!! :’) .. you guys are the best!! im just happy ive got the chance to be part of u guys! … i wanna stick witchu like forever!! Thank you for this wonderful memories.. that i will cherish for..evah! keep flyin high! ❤

here’s some of my photos.. 🙂

 Jang Wooyoung!!! 23rd Nov..KLIA..geram tgk pipi die!!


 Me on concert day!! my bora ribbon comel kan?? kekeke.. Thanks 2 ‘sweet chansung’ sbb bagik free chan’s slogan tu….



Hi-5 event pass along with my 2od’s Chan wristband..concert tix.. 2PM at concert!

 Polaroid moments wit beautiful peoples!.. u know what guys.. i bought instax camera 2 days after im in kk..LOL shud bought it before the concert! kekeke


 2PM cake! ❤

 ******************* The proof i skinshipped oppars! kekeke.. omaigawd! my excited face! bahahahaha… 2PM kat dpn..xde masa nak supan2 bagai!! priceless photo!!! me and oppars in 1 frame! sobss..

 ******************* banyakkan???? suke!!!