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I’m the happiest person in da world today.. (Well..the happiest among 63259963156 chans’ fans/hottest all over the world!! LOL)…

This morning!!! Chansung finally comeback to twitterworld! Asdfghjklkshdjfkglhjahdjkflgjsjalkfhajsh… DAMN HAPPY!!!!!!!!

Menyesal sungguh tak bangun awal n celebrate the moment!! Kekekeke… Thanks to my madu.. P’anu / anuBB for the email notification!! I turned of my data service last night ( not really last nite but its at 5am ) and woke up at 10am.. Read my email 1st… Supposed the email abt my POP (proof of payment) confirmation..but madu decided to break the news there! LoL..irobiuuuuuuuuuu……

After 6month and 1 day.. FINALLY!!! Chansung tweeted again!!!!! *cries*….. I thought he totally abandoned twitter!! But he’s back ~~~~~~*cry again*

The epic tweet!!!
*translation* “ return to twitter… but it’s a melancholy morning..^^” ( crdt : 2pmalways )

He tweeted abt 4 times not included the tweets he have sent to jyp/kwon and friend!! Ahh~~~so happy!!!!!! And a tweet he’s concerned about Thai flood… ;___; ..……

His SELCA!!!!
*translation* “I’m here as well kk Took this from a certain angle and the expression is.. ㅡ.,ㅡ No make-up face ㅠㅠ ” ( crdt to: 2pmalways )
~~still handsome laaa… U still melts me!!! And i still falling in love witchu over and over again!!!~~

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