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Putcho Hands Up!!!!

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I’ve been waiting to write about this since early August.. i think its on 12th August  to be exact coz its the day JYPE announced that Malaysia is one of 2PM asia tour 2011 stop!! asdfghjklkjsjdkfjslaldJajsjfkjslajd.. At that time i go crazeh!!!! i don’t really know if i can attend it! and i put my all crazy excitement to the silent.. since everything is not confirm….hiks..

doing work/business on my own is really hard…. i got no fix payment every month… i got lil saving for emergency cases… got to pay this and that… so!! come out with a good plan! since my cousin (also my business partner) always dealing with suppliers.. so i ask her to help me to find sponsor for me!! and….. on 5th October 2011 ( my dad’s bday! )..she told me.. i got the sponsorship!!! wehooooooooo!!!! i screamed in the car on the way to sent my dad’s birthday cake! im so Happy im about to cry!! kekekeke… so yeah!! im confirmed 2 come!!!!!!! putcho hands up!!!!

this came out on 12th August 2011.. the concert date has been change to 25th November 2011 ( friday ).. ( photo cilok from TimBB’s blog )


friggin excited just to see ‘2PM HANDS UP ASIA TOUR IN MALAYSIA’


Finally!! on 8th October 2011 ( saturday ) got the tix!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to MiliBB for letting me shared her TM bill so i can get 20% off from the actual price!! and million thanks to TonBB who got early to the venue qs for tix buying! sobs..sobs.. ill treat u guys ice cream when we meet in Nov!! lets go crazeh!!!! ( photo cilok from MiliBB’s instagr )


the seating plan….. ill be in the ROCK PITT wit my fellow hottest!!omg!!! super duper excited!!!!


words can’t express how i feel right now!! excited as hell!! ill be seeing 2PM LIVE y’all!!! and can’t truly wait to meet my wonderful MissBBs.. TimBB!! we’ve known each other way before we became Hottest!! i can’t wait to see you!! and MonBB..MiliBB..TonBB ! we gonna have so much fun!!! so many people i want to meet!! my madus… and all hottest friends! arrghhhh!!! NOV please come fast!! kekeke…

InsyaAllah will book my airtix nextweek!! got a lil problem but hopefully it all done by next week!!


*BGM* Alive my JUN to da KAY!!!! ure the man!!!

i love you 2PM!!!!! chansung!!! ill meet u in nov!!! <33333333

more details on STAR PLANET


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