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Happy Birthday, DAD!!!

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5th October 2011 is my dad, Jaferi Octovia 57th Birthday!!!!

Ive made a cake for him as a suprise birthday gift..went to his office but he’s not there… waited about half and hour and he still not there.. sobs.. im going with my cousin who had work at 2pm.. so i leave the cake at his office… on my way back.. i see his car going to the office but it’ll takes abt 15minutes 2 go to his office at that time.. so sad i couldnt meet my dad on his birthday… sobs…

we had phone conversation after that..and im soooo happy that he’s happy with his cake and asking repeatly why i couldnt wait for him.. sobs.. i want to, dad..but it was too late! sobs…

Im wishing all the best for my dad… good health and good life… though i told him regularly abt how i love him so much..but seems words can’t describe how i really feel… are my HERO!!! thanks for everything… <333333


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