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Aliff Danyal & Ammar Mirza

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The House is all quiet again!! i miss my 2 lil nephews aleeady!! sobsss….. im their babysitter for about 10 days… and yeah!!! kids!! omg!!! so NAKAL!!!! leh tinggi darah tau nak jaga dua org budak nih!!..

Dany is 5 and Ammar is 4!..they’re mu cousin, Lynda’s boys..gile2 nakal!! xnak dgr ckp! n salu gaduh adik beradik! leh jadik tiggi darah, weh! .. but now.. i miss that moment! ahh~~~… so sad… i know im gonna meet them if om goin back to my parent home but yeah… still nak drg kat sni lagi….

Their everyday schedules … wake up! Milk! watching cartoons! cereals breakfast ( a must have : Honey star and coco crunch ).. shower/water party ( coz they like to have more time to play in the bathroom ).. Then its individual activity.. Dany online game mode ( strictly for 1 and a half hour only ) while Ammar continue watching more cartoons on tv!..Lunch ( usually theyll have nasi goreng kicap with telur, Meggi ayam or nuggets with rice ).. Milk then Nap.. wake up..then theyll go to the playground near by..Shower again… dinner..Milk… lalallalallallala and by 11pm theyll fall asleep!!! fuh~~~~ what a day!!… Imagine i have to do CAKeWALK stuffs..and babysitt them!! i really dont have time for myself!! forreal!!! kkekekekekke…..

But… thats the best week for me…had a chance to spent time with my lovely wonderful lil angel!… i kissed their forehead everymorning… i love the smells of their hair….

When its time for them to go home.. Ammar xnak balik… sobs… sian tau tgk die nanges2.. then tpksa tipu.. xde org nak jaga die kat sni.. i kate i xde kat umah esok sbb keje… then Ammar..while sobbing asked me… ” chiyuyun keja dimana??”… He knew im working from home!! omg!! nanges i tauuuuuuuu…. eeee..i miss them!!!! puas pujuk..last2 die nak gak balik… Dany lak xnak masuk kete… tpksa angkat die.. while nak dudukkan die dlm kete..die peluk kuat2 smbl nanges!… sobsss.. eeee….. sian tau… Ammar kept waving at me while hes in the car… nanges lagi!.. sobs… Tau laa kang weekends da bleh jmpe drg kot… tp tu laaaa… rindu!!.. sobss….

Dany on PC! we played ‘ Monster Island ‘ the most! its so addictive!! and he’s a champ!!!


Ammar with his balloons!!!! so cute!!!


Bath time!!!.. i have to do mohawk hair when shampooing their hair!! Dany is no big deal coz his hair is straight while ammar its like no mohawl at all coz his hair is curl! lol


Nap time!!!! <3333333


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