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Why is it hard………..

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Why is it hard….. To just let it go???
I’m very sensitive with this matters… Involving people i love… Involving my dearest sweetest cousins and my lovely friends….

Life is so wonderful lately… I couldn’t ask for more happiness than this.. But deep down inside my heart i feel the emptiness.. I feel that something is not right.. When you’re really attached to something.. Its really hard to forget about it or just let it go..

Few sleepless night… Goin on lots of thinking… What have i done? What have gone wrong?… What am i suppose to do?.. It hurt my heart.. It hurts me..badly..

I should just find a closure… But i really need to know what’s really happened till it as bad as now…. No words.. No nothing… I’m hopeless….

Its goin on and on.. This is not new to me…. But still, i seems can’t let go.. Why?? Because i still care… I may not mean nothing to some of my friends… But for me, friends is like my family…

I don’t know what to do… What to think…. Whatsoever… This just hurts me….

“Sometimes.. my brain says it’s time to move on, but my heart just doesn’t want to let go……”

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