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To the Castle….

Yesterday, 22nd of September 2011 are the 1st time ever i foot step at the state castle..Attended a Raya’s open house for family and relatives .


I have this super duper excited imagination before going to the castle..LOL! im delusional!! kekeke.. All im thinking was… going to the castle that are similar to a fairytales’ stories! tall and beautiful main entrance gate.. with so many beautiful flowers and a white castle..kkkkkkk…. i was wrong!! im not saying its not beautiful..bla..bla..bla..but its a normal government building but big lah..Located on an uphill and you can see the whole KK city there!…

Function held at the backyard of the castle.. the whole family/relatives was mostly there when we arrived… smpi2 je, nak bersalam bleh krem tgn.. dari meja dpn..smpi la meja blkg!.. i wish my mom and dad were there.. coz they’ve been asking, where’s mama? where’s papa? sobssss..

I had a great time!.. foods was delicious.. 🙂


State Castle – view from front


Xde masuk dlm pun.. kat blkg istana jer….

the cousins!


Took photo wit Toh puan ( can u guess which one is her? hehe )

me and fieda dared each other to make a peace sign..and yes! we did!! kekekke… agak2 x sopan ye.. kat dpn tu gile ar camera flash sna sni.. terasa diri cam retis jap! kkkkkk…./lame!



i wore 3inch heels on that day! and tumit terbenam je dlm tanah.. OTL coz the day before the function hujan lebat.. so tanah basah! OTL.. its hard to walk and its even hard to just stand still! LOL…

Suka Suki… ;D

Cam lama xwat entry dlm blog… Sblm bersawang ngan lebih parah, baik update skit2…

After the 1st week of raya, I’ve been busy… Busy makan sna sni! LoL!!! tu sudah psti la kan?? But really.. I’ve been double busy coz the orders in are too many! Alhamdulillah.. Kesian je ada beberapa order yg tpksa ditolak.. Ngan dua org je yg bt ssh nak amik smua skli..

Attended open house party was the best!! Ni la msanya nak g umah2 saudara sume.. Da lama xjmpe, best lak.. Really had fun meeting them all! ^_^.. Ahh~~ celebrated birthday also!! So, its like.. Eat, party, eat, party then work, work, work.. OTL… Life is good! I’m not complaining…

And I’ve been freaking nervous for days to come!… I hope i really gotta chance to make it!! Still haven’t blog abt the upcoming 2PM concert in Malaysia…I’m planning to go.. Thats like my ultimate dream/wish this year!, wish me luck!!!! Tix price xconfirm lg.. So takleh nak bli air tix .. >,< .. Ill be waiting…..

Lastly.. Wanna make a shoutout to my beautiful BBs.. My lovely lMissB! (You know who u are) for making my days full of laughter! U gaiz are the best!!!! Let’s debut soon! LOL… And do our dance! *baring kt lantai, kaki di atas* L_o .. LMAO!!…Hugsssssss ^3^…..

Hmmmm.. Nothing else!
I shud sleep rn! Too tired! Gonna be bee zee for the whole week!! I’m also taking 2-3 order for 1 day so i can double up d ka-chingg.. OPPARs!! This i do for u! Sobs.. Let’s meet sooooon…. ;D i love you all!!! More on Chansung! LOL.. ♥

Nyte2….. ( ˘ ³˘)

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Why is it hard………..

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Why is it hard….. To just let it go???
I’m very sensitive with this matters… Involving people i love… Involving my dearest sweetest cousins and my lovely friends….

Life is so wonderful lately… I couldn’t ask for more happiness than this.. But deep down inside my heart i feel the emptiness.. I feel that something is not right.. When you’re really attached to something.. Its really hard to forget about it or just let it go..

Few sleepless night… Goin on lots of thinking… What have i done? What have gone wrong?… What am i suppose to do?.. It hurt my heart.. It hurts me..badly..

I should just find a closure… But i really need to know what’s really happened till it as bad as now…. No words.. No nothing… I’m hopeless….

Its goin on and on.. This is not new to me…. But still, i seems can’t let go.. Why?? Because i still care… I may not mean nothing to some of my friends… But for me, friends is like my family…

I don’t know what to do… What to think…. Whatsoever… This just hurts me….

“Sometimes.. my brain says it’s time to move on, but my heart just doesn’t want to let go……”

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My Raya 2011

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Cepat je masa berlalu… Cam baru je puasa..tup2 dah raya….
Raya thn ni, sama gak cam tahun2 sebelumnya… very2 simple…
Sehari sebelum raya da balik kampung nenek ( mum’s side ) kat Kudat..kat sna cam xde je i dlm gmbr coz bz kat dapur kekdahnyer…hehehe
On 2nd raya, dah balik to my hometown ( Papar ).. and on 3rd raya baru g kumpul2 kat my cousin’s hse ( Rumah Besar ) and ni mmg port pling best nak lepak ramai2!..
Its my papa and his nieces/nephews time and we spent till 4am at my cousin’s hse last night!! keukeukeu…

Gmbr2 dah bnyk upload kat fb.. so kat sini xde la nak letak gmbr bnyk sgt…just a few of my favourite..

Dear friends and family..Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..Mohon ampun dan maaf jika ada terkasar bahasa..Have a blast eid everyone… 😀

Me on 3rd Raya day… hihik…..


My lovely Mama and Papa.. ❤

**** n me..


My two little Angels…Dany & Ammar….