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“Im Your Man”

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this is the best!!!

i love the song… i love the MV .. i love them in suits.. i love them acted with a girl… i love the dance! and i love every single one of them!! ;_____;

I dont know what took me so long to post an entry about this!.. i guess because im busy.. and its fasting month ..i forgot.. (-_-)

This is 2PM 2nd Japanese Single!… seriously… ive been repeated this song/mv many times a day…. i just love it!! kkkkkk… and  now i can’t wait to get my ‘im your man’ CD…

0:15 – arrgghhh!! look at chansungggg!!! asdfghjklkjhjklsjd.. love his face expression when he dance… i can see his passion… /proud

1:33 – Taec! hnggggggggggggggggggggggggggg… He’s HOT!!

2:10 – my fav part of the song! love it love it love it!

2:24 – The neck tie dance!!!!!!!! <333333

2:53 – this dance move is so clever!!! me like it alot!! and i mean A LOT! kekekeke


credit to 2PMalways / Junkaystreet


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