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1st weekend of Ramadhan

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I had a blast weekend !… Its the 1st weekend of Ramadhan and I’m celebrated it with my beloved family back home!! Weeeeee.. So happy!

Everything is so simple at home.. Takde nak berbuka ngan pelbagai juadah.. Yang paling penting msa berbuka.. Kurma dan air sirap je..pastu terus makan nasi… Paling best papa masak paru!! Which is my favourite!! And lamb curry!… SE to the DAP… Hehehe…

On sunday.. Berbuka ramai2 lak kt my cousin’s home.. Papa masak mee goreng basah… Ala2 black sauce noodles/black bean noodles… Pun my favourite!! My cousin lak buat bubur chacha… Kenyang gile…. Hehehe….

Entering the 9th day of fasting… InsyaAllah semua akn berjalan dgn lancar…. I’ve been pretty busy since yesterday… Hopefully i can get through the day.. ツ

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