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Congrats Myhottest!!

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I wanna di this short entry of 4 of my MYHottest friends who entered the JYPE official Soompi 2PM’s Hands Up video/photo contest.

on 30th of July 2PM announced the finalist and Malaysia Hottest under ‘RinaKeiko’ are listed!!! waaa!!! even masuk list final entry pn i dah bangga sgt2!!…

JYPE official Soompi 2PM contest Finalist


And yesterday..they finally announced all the winners! and yeah!!! Rina, Timah, Mili and eton was announced as the winner of ” humor photo ” ( vid on 1:06 ).. Congratz, gurls!!! seriously im so proud of you all!! Rina!! uve always said that ure unlucky in winning something! but THIS!!! is the daebak’est’ price uve won!!! im so so happy for you!!! ❤ ….

The way taec’s says ‘MALAYSIA’ is soooo sexy!! kekekekke ( i raep the replay button like a zillion time!! ) … and when he said ‘RinaKeiko’ i was like screaming (in my heart) coz im soooo Happy!!! and Woo lak ckp ‘congratulations!’!! mesti ko happy kan, Rina?? kekekke..Gurls! the photo looks awesome too!!! its totally represented our home land, Malaysia! ❤ ..woo lak ckp ‘congratulations’! msti ko happy kan, Rina??? kkekekekeke we shud hang out lepak2 and gets our drinks up ( teh tarik FTW!! :p )

JYPE official Soompi 2PM contest

Congratz to all the winners !! Hottest FTW!!!

2PM Hands Up photovideo contest by Soompi


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