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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Million THANKS…

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Im so Happy!!! Today..i finally received a parcel from wawa! <3333

I can thank u guys enough as an appreciation for all the mercs uve sent me! i love every single one of them!! thanks again!!!!

Wawa and Alynn visited Thailand recently for 2PM eversense fanmeeting .. and they met sora from Singapore there…

alynn! thanks for the fridge magnet and the eversense cologne!!

Sora! thanks for the sweet candies!!! i love the banana the most!!! you know why! LOL

wawa!!!!! thanks for the fans, eversense cologne, fridge magnet and channie tag!! i love every single of them! especially the mini chan! d’awwwwwww…


THANK YOU!!! <3333333


another super duper excited news!! 2PM is finally going to Malaysia this November!!! ill post an entry about it sooooooooooon!!!!!

“Im Your Man”

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this is the best!!!

i love the song… i love the MV .. i love them in suits.. i love them acted with a girl… i love the dance! and i love every single one of them!! ;_____;

I dont know what took me so long to post an entry about this!.. i guess because im busy.. and its fasting month ..i forgot.. (-_-)

This is 2PM 2nd Japanese Single!… seriously… ive been repeated this song/mv many times a day…. i just love it!! kkkkkk… and  now i can’t wait to get my ‘im your man’ CD…

0:15 – arrgghhh!! look at chansungggg!!! asdfghjklkjhjklsjd.. love his face expression when he dance… i can see his passion… /proud

1:33 – Taec! hnggggggggggggggggggggggggggg… He’s HOT!!

2:10 – my fav part of the song! love it love it love it!

2:24 – The neck tie dance!!!!!!!! <333333

2:53 – this dance move is so clever!!! me like it alot!! and i mean A LOT! kekekeke


credit to 2PMalways / Junkaystreet

1st weekend of Ramadhan

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I had a blast weekend !… Its the 1st weekend of Ramadhan and I’m celebrated it with my beloved family back home!! Weeeeee.. So happy!

Everything is so simple at home.. Takde nak berbuka ngan pelbagai juadah.. Yang paling penting msa berbuka.. Kurma dan air sirap je..pastu terus makan nasi… Paling best papa masak paru!! Which is my favourite!! And lamb curry!… SE to the DAP… Hehehe…

On sunday.. Berbuka ramai2 lak kt my cousin’s home.. Papa masak mee goreng basah… Ala2 black sauce noodles/black bean noodles… Pun my favourite!! My cousin lak buat bubur chacha… Kenyang gile…. Hehehe….

Entering the 9th day of fasting… InsyaAllah semua akn berjalan dgn lancar…. I’ve been pretty busy since yesterday… Hopefully i can get through the day.. ツ

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4th Ramadhan

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Alhamdulillah da selesai puasa hari ke-4….
Sepanjang hari ni, taktau knpa badan rasa lemah je… Buat keja jap then baring..bgn buat keje lg pstu baring lagi.. Badan cam lemas…. Nasib baik xmasak kt umah coz my cousin Dada nak blanja makan luar sempena birthday die ari nie…

Berbuka di Restoran Nasi Ayam Singapore.. Ni mmg port wajib berbuka berthn2 lamanya… Senang kot..lgpn mostly my fam mmg penggemar nasi ayam… Xde la sorang nak mkn itu sorang nak makan ini… Hehehe..

Benda yg xbest ari ni… I tlupa bawak phone! Sepanjang menunggu waktu berbuka amatlah boring coz xde twitter.. Xde whatsapp..xde bbm and takleh nak check-in… Rasanya da leh jadik mayor Restoran Nasi Ayam… Lolop… jugak berryboo kat umah… “̮

Berbuka aala kadar ngan nasik ayam..sayur taugeh dah segelas teh lemon ais..pastu g mall berdekatan beli egg tarts and almando karamell ice cream… Sedappp!!!…. Then vitamin da abis so beli lagi tuk stock 3bulan… I amik vitamin ‘Women’s Ultra Mega’ by GNC… As a dietary suppliment..mmg bagus… ツ

To dada…
Thanks sbb belanja berbuka ari nie..
Happy Birthday..
Semoga Panjang umur dan sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki..Amin…

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a little Upset…

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I made it through the 3rd day fasting…..
Just a bit upset about something yesterday just before the break fast…
I’m the person who love to cook and eat together..and just being at home enjoying home cook meals….
I’ve been preparing break fasting menu since noon yesterday thinking abt to have a nice dinner with all the cousins here…
I’ve made ‘nasi putih’ along with ‘ayam masak kicap’ and ‘sayur timun jepun tumis udang’…. I’ve been rolling lots of crab stick role..making mango pudding and bakes a banana cakes…
About 15minutes to break fasting.. My cousins told me that she’s about to dine out!!…
Its not a big deal actually.. But I’m little upset… ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ …. I’ve prepared alot! Its just a waste of foods…
I hope in future..let me know if ure having breakfasting somewhere other than home so that i can like limiting what to cook…


Its already on the 4th day of fasting.. InsyaAllah everything will go smoothly… 😀

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5.20am entry

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Done with ‘sahur’ and done with the morning chores.. I have a little time to write abt this little things…..

I found a new meaning to these words…
• International
• Anak watan / Anak tempatan
• BB

ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ i don’t even know why i should write this …. But yeah! if i read this again in future, for sure I’m gonna laugh my ass off! ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ


Its the 3rd day of fasting.. Hopefully all went well and I’m healthy enough to get a full 1 month fast period.. InsyaAllah…

Okey… Back to sleep!! *i overslept for few days already* lol ….

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Congrats Myhottest!!

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I wanna di this short entry of 4 of my MYHottest friends who entered the JYPE official Soompi 2PM’s Hands Up video/photo contest.

on 30th of July 2PM announced the finalist and Malaysia Hottest under ‘RinaKeiko’ are listed!!! waaa!!! even masuk list final entry pn i dah bangga sgt2!!…

JYPE official Soompi 2PM contest Finalist


And yesterday..they finally announced all the winners! and yeah!!! Rina, Timah, Mili and eton was announced as the winner of ” humor photo ” ( vid on 1:06 ).. Congratz, gurls!!! seriously im so proud of you all!! Rina!! uve always said that ure unlucky in winning something! but THIS!!! is the daebak’est’ price uve won!!! im so so happy for you!!! ❤ ….

The way taec’s says ‘MALAYSIA’ is soooo sexy!! kekekekke ( i raep the replay button like a zillion time!! ) … and when he said ‘RinaKeiko’ i was like screaming (in my heart) coz im soooo Happy!!! and Woo lak ckp ‘congratulations!’!! mesti ko happy kan, Rina?? kekekke..Gurls! the photo looks awesome too!!! its totally represented our home land, Malaysia! ❤ ..woo lak ckp ‘congratulations’! msti ko happy kan, Rina??? kkekekekeke we shud hang out lepak2 and gets our drinks up ( teh tarik FTW!! :p )

JYPE official Soompi 2PM contest

Congratz to all the winners !! Hottest FTW!!!

2PM Hands Up photovideo contest by Soompi