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The Angelic Voice of Kim Junsu

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‘Song Immortal 2’ featured some of the best kpop idol vocalist of this generation, singing songs of veteran singers and will be judged by the singers and 200 audiences. There will be no ellimination, but each idols will be assessed through their weekly performances in terms of their progress. The show aim’s is to display the singing progress of these idols to the general public and for them to be able to perform their own renditions to the song they will sing and to not imitate how their seniors sang them.

Since i’ve watched KBS ‘Song Immortal 2’ (on KBSW).. I just can’t stop replying Junsu’s performances!! Damn!! his voice are the best among the best!! Soulful voice! i get the feel good feeling whenever i hear his voice!

This is my most fav performance/rendition of Junsu in ‘Song Immortal 2’ ..Song by 주현미 – 잠깐만 ( just a moment ).

skip to 01.30 ..but ill suggest you to watch from the start coz you can see nichkhun, Wooyoung and Taecyeon! LOL


The oroginal version


He’s a talented singer and also composed his own song ‘HOT’ ( 2PM 2nd Album ‘Hands Up ). I hope to see moreeeee from him in future!!!


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