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My 2PM 2nd full album “Hands Up”

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Been waiting for this day..this moment to finally blog about my 2PM 2nd full album ‘Hands Up’! 16th July 2011 ( friday ) , received my Special Edition album!! yay!! freakin nervous and sweating when mom told me that the package are ripped!! and yes!! it ripped pretty bad!! thank god nothing is missing and everything is in good condition! special thanks to KakMon , Wawa and Myhottest sbb bersusah payah nak take care of everything…Jasamu dikenang!! โค

2PM 2nd album ‘Hands Up’ Limited Edition comes with

13 track 2PM 2nd album cd

86p Photobook 1

36p Photobook 2

2PM calender ( June – Dec )

Malas nak tulis panjang2… let me serve ur eyes with the beautiful photos from the album! (^_^)v

I totally love this! Packaging is so neath! lovely!! and its Big!! didnt thought the Special Edition will be this big! LOL


The whole things!! <3333333


2PM calender!!! its only from July to December i wish they have next year calender too! LOL..Calender’s holder kinda like a photo frame is so cute!!! i can change any photo anytime!!


36 pages Photobook 1

gorgeous and beautiful photos of them taken on the yacht! luxurious 2PM!! and theres 1 photo of channie taken on the pool! topless!!! /i iz happy!! kekekekeke


86 pages Photobook 2

the cd were placed on the last page of the photobook…How i wish the cd is in a hardcase.. but since im not taking this cd to be play in the car or anywhere else so..its all good! it will forever stays in my 2PM collection’s drawer..coz its too precious to be taken here and there! LOL

The photos are taken in the club ( Zouk, Singapore ) and if u have seen the MV for Hands Up, this is the still images of it! ๐Ÿ˜€


2PM’s poster!!!


so! thats it!!!! all i can say is.. THIS!! is totally awesome!!!! ahhhh!!! HAPPY!! to the max!! kekekeke…I can just keep staring at this for hours!! kekekkeke

Hottest who haven’t buy this yet… please do so! Worth ur money!! not gonna regret it… not AT ALL!! โค


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