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Jeonggam <3

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Actually x tido lagik!! kekekekeke.. tetiba gi jalan2 kat twitter chansung and browsed through his twitpic! and found Jeonggam!! d’awwwwwwww…sweet!

Jeonggam is Chansung’s cat ( Lucky cat! )… and i called chansung, Jeonggam’s appa! and who’s Jeonggam’s omma?? ( pointed to self..kekeke )

Im not a cat person…but jeonggam is 1 fine cat!! i dont know what breed jeonggam is but hes a beautiful cat!! with dark grey fur color! /forever cute!!

Photo from Chansung’s twitpic on October 6th 2010~ at 1st i didnt realised theres a kitten sleeping on his shoulder!  ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ omg!! cuteness overload!!!!! this is the 1st photo of jeonggam along with chansung..


see how big he was now!!… eeeeee geram!!!!!!!! its amazing how we can actually see Jeonggam grew up!! feels like yesterday since chansung 1st twitpic him and he’s all grown up!!! by looking at those photos..i iz proud!! ❤


and this is my cat!! kekekekke


gambar bonus!

i believe this is junho’s cat, ggeomaengi  ( i don’t know how to spell that! kkk )


and this is wooyoung’s chick, piyak !


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  1. kkkk… anak sedara tiri akuuuu kkkkk… so comellll! *siyom jeonggam…then siyom komeng skalik* (malas nk eja, panggil anak tiri aku komeng jek kkkkk) ….*then siyom bapak komeng….. pastu siyom bapak jeonggam skalik* larikkkkk kkkkkk


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