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Its 3.53am, friday…ahhh!! can’t believe its already friday!!…its been 1 week since im at my parent home!! wanna stay here forever!! kekekeke.. wanna just eat, sleep, watching tv and relax all day long!! if only that was a paid job! LOL..

Thinking about goin back to kk home this sunday!! suppose to be back on saturday..but im too lazy!! kekekekeke… full order on weekends but…let my cousin handle that!! ill do the rest next week!!!

For the whole 1 week im here..i still stressed out mostly in the morning because of client’s phonecall..sms..and emails..and my cousin can’t stop bothering me with questions and asking me to handle this and that…omg!!! im on a break!!! how could she possibly think i can handle things with a phonecalls only???? i don’t understand why she won’t talk to her clients?? ( her part is making cakes )..and she has this 1 attitude making things halfway!!… its hella hard for me when i know nothing yet u asked me to deal with clients!! urggghhhhh!! Last2, aku yg kena maki ngan clients!! hisshh!! sgt2 tak paham!!! xleh la nak tgk aku senang sket….

1 more problem…

we are ( CAKeWALK ) spttnya akan join this one event.. “Sabah Food Fest” on 30th and 31st July (next weekend) tapi kenduri family da decided on 30th… we could just pass this ‘kenduri’ but the thing is we’re handling the doorgifts… amat la mustahil nak wat 2 kerja dlm masa yg sama… mna nak handle food fest… kenduri lagik… huhuhu.. pening!!! then my cousin lak outstation from monday to friday nextweek! …no way im handling this by myself.. lepas da dlm sejam on phone with my cousin, still x mencapai apa2 keputusan muktamad lagi tp rasanya akan give up on the food fest!… coz kenduri keluarga tu mmg lagi penting… Kang xde kt kenduri, mama lak kecik ati….hmmmmm…. For me, any kind of events sure akan ader lagik next time…mmg syg if tak join coz this like a good opportunity for CAKeWALK..utk org lebih kenal CAKeWALK lagik but yeah… Family thingy is more important.. bila lagi nak berkumpul seisi keluarga kan?? da la mmg jarang nak ada msa family and sedara2 pnye function.. rasanya mmg kne pass la tuk event nie…


For the past 5 years.. CAKeWALK mmg bukak booth on Ramadhan’s month and this year…we gonna pass also… 😦 … Since my nephew is already working.. i don’t have enough helper… Tahun ni akan focus 1 benda je on Ramadhan.. which is making ‘kuih raya’…Good thing is, i might have a lot more free time than last year and order for cupcakes/cakes will be goin on ( last year i declined all orders for cakes and cupcakes dued to the business ). Still!! nak wat kuih raya.. sample x kluar lagik while clients da asek2 tnya nak sample biskut..kekekekeke.. and rasanya xnak buat bnyk sgt.. cam last year, beriya2 nak wat banyak2 biskut…last2 sndr pening coz baking x henti2 smpi pagi! kekekekek.. nak pokus dlm 5 atau 6 jenis biskut je…So hopefully everything went well on Ramadhan…InsyaAllah… πŸ™‚

Enough about that… lets talk about something else!!! yeah!! im excited for my 2PM Hands Up album to be arrive!!! yay!!! kakmon already posted my parcel yesterday and im hoping for it to arrive today!!! or else i wont getting it sooner… coz im using mom’s office address and she will be goin to KL on saturday and only be back next wednesday!!.. sungguh x sabar!!! kekekekek…. ape2 jadik, kene sabar je laaa.. bkn nya xdpt kan???? so..its all good!! no worries!! πŸ˜€

I’ll write soon!! ni da nak jam 5am da…. xde la ngantuk…tp kene gak tido.. and im so freaking nervous for Music Bank later today!!! i want 2PM to get triple crown!!! geez!!! let them win!!!!!! hwaiting !!!!!!!!!

Ni gambar selingan hari ini!! kekekekke… my ‘madu’ mmg slalu je tweet mention me gmbr2 chansung… and this one really caught my eyes! (not the 1st time! kekekeke) ahhhh… he’s so handsome! and i love him!!! πŸ˜›

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