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Some people says its Macaron and some says its Macaroon! I’ve read here and there…Macaroon is the English Word also refer to the coconut macaroon, many have adopted the french spelling of Macaron to distinguised the two item in the English language.

So, ive been asking my friends on twitter on how macaron’s the big it it delicious?? Its so colorful and looks very cute!!

Then…suprise!suprise! my ALs friend, arin posted me some macaron!!! weeeeeeeeee… Package arrived yesterday, tuesday (12th July )… Im soooo happy!!!!! but sadly..out of 5 0r 6 macaron, only 2 in a good shape..others is crumbled ๐Ÿ˜ฆ … STILL!! thanks, Rin for the sweet treat!! ^-^v

Its a small cute red box from ‘ Chocolat World


tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. my macarons!!!!!! as you can see… only 2 of them are in good shape… i blame the national courier for not handling this very well… i know, its always risk to post food..but it has the fragile sticker so i suppose they would atleast handle it with care… sobsss…


I thought macaron’s size was like medium bites cookie but its really small! kekekek…. its a size of 50cent… and friends told me its expensive.. I’ve found 1 store that sell macarons here and its RM3 for 2.. yeah! thats expensive for me..


My own reviews on Macaron

Its super duper sweeeeeeeettttttttt!!!! I don’t think i can eat 2 or 3 in one time… for me 1 is enough.. Its consists of Icing sugar and Granulated sugar…and with buttercream or jam filling in the middle…wow wee…. thats a lot of sweetness in 1 whole bite! kekekeke… as for me who had a chance to taste it once..its all good.. If i have a free time, i would love to try to make these macarons by myself… hehehe…

to you, Arin… thank you so so much!!!!! โค


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