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I just wanna scream out loud rn!!

im finally taking my break from all the stress in kk home!!


I cant tell you how much ive been so unhappy and stress and tension when im in kk home! its not all about my business but yeah!!! its effected me in any ways possible.. i became depressed..good things.. im homeeeeeeeeeee…. no one but parents and my lovely brothers!!.. its been like a month since i last visit my parent home.. i miss everything here!!..

Thinking about getting a full 1 week break!!! orders are coming in but this time let my cousin handle that…Im gonna just sit back here..laid back..sleep, eat and watching tv all week! (hopefully) kekekekekeke….. Mood are pretty good and lively since im home!! thats what i want the most!! yeah!yeah!

Hopefully after this sweet escape.. i will be in good shape! clear mind and a good mood….InsyaAllah…

Bad things about being here is… BAD internet connection! TT TT….. i cant go a day without twitter..and to tweet seems the hardest thing to do here.. LOL… but i still can tweet..but not smooth as im in kk home…kekekekekke…

nvm! whats important is…i got my peace of mind here!! weeeeeee…

KK home…see u in a week!!!! kekkekkeekkekeke


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