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Its exactly 1 week passed the crucial moment for me… i did not regretted any action that ive made.. but yeah.. i felt emptiness inside my heart… like if i can turn back time, i would just leave it that way without saying anything… but well..past is past… no one can fix it…

For the past one week…. its been the longest time i spent being at my room… beside back pain that killing me bad.. it seems like i dont have any interest to talk/chat with peoples around me.. This is so not me at all… if im not in my be in my baking room and just sit there listening to my mp3s and stared at my phone..LOL…

i can say that im 24/7 with my twitter.. Can’t really live with it..Its a fun place to be… with updates news..2PM and friends..all in one place!…The hardest part was.. like seeing somebody passed through my timeline..and soon it dissapeared..then it came again.. and dissapeared and i dont do nothing…..Its hard sometimes… im not saying that my ego is big than my heart but…this time let me use my brain to work with things like this ( “I’m not heartless. I just learned how to use my heart less” )…. have to admit…i miss the old days… when i can happily do everythings..without getting to much stress.. chat nonstop through any chat option and anytime…. yeah… i want those happy moment back…

I kept saying this to myself..”everything is gonna be fine…let the time heal it for both of you”….. It didnt help me at all..LOL..everyday im wishing for miracle to happen..but i guess im a bad person even the miracles hate me…kehkehkehkehkeh… someday…someday…

I do pray a lot for my family and friends’ safety and health…for their happiness.. for them to heal fast from broken hearted..from their sadness to just go away.. and for their smiles that have gone for too long…..

For everyone ive known… for everyone who once touched my heart..For everyone who i havent met in real life.. I do love you with all my heart…..

since ive watched BOF ( Boys Over Flower )..This song attached close to me… good melody.. and GREAT lyrics…

For whoever read this… it comes from my heart.. No lies at all..

sincerely, ME


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