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The Angelic Voice of Kim Junsu

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‘Song Immortal 2’ featured some of the best kpop idol vocalist of this generation, singing songs of veteran singers and will be judged by the singers and 200 audiences. There will be no ellimination, but each idols will be assessed through their weekly performances in terms of their progress. The show aim’s is to display the singing progress of these idols to the general public and for them to be able to perform their own renditions to the song they will sing and to not imitate how their seniors sang them.

Since i’ve watched KBS ‘Song Immortal 2’ (on KBSW).. I just can’t stop replying Junsu’s performances!! Damn!! his voice are the best among the best!! Soulful voice! i get the feel good feeling whenever i hear his voice!

This is my most fav performance/rendition of Junsu in ‘Song Immortal 2’ ..Song by 주현미 – 잠깐만 ( just a moment ).

skip to 01.30 ..but ill suggest you to watch from the start coz you can see nichkhun, Wooyoung and Taecyeon! LOL


The oroginal version


He’s a talented singer and also composed his own song ‘HOT’ ( 2PM 2nd Album ‘Hands Up ). I hope to see moreeeee from him in future!!!

New Handbags

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I really love handbags! especially clutch bags! Normal la kan..ppuan suke handbags! kekekeke… Best leh tukar2 bags… Da lama i x beli handbags sbb merajuk ngan kazen2 sume yg suka gile pinjam2 handbags i… ape yang menyedihkan, dah pinjam..x letak kat tmpt asal balik..x masukkan dlm beg kain handbags..Most of my bags ROSAK! CALAR! and KOYAK! sobsssss… /sigh! i have this one clutch bag which is my favourite.. Classic red gold vintage clutch by Vincci..baru pki 3 kali je… then cousin pnjam.. next thing i noticed..the bag is rosak! ader kesan2 calar sume!!! and terkopak!!! sedih gile!!!!! I just can’t understand why people tak jaga benda pinjam baik2… Pasni..Jan harap dpt nak pinjam2 lagik!!


Hari tu ( a month ago ).. browsing2 kat fb… tgk ader 1 fb acct ni jual handbags n banyak product lagik… the handbags sume cantik2!!! and the price is not bad!! Decided nak order few bags from her! ordered 3 handbag tp 2 je ader.. 1 abes stock!.. Tunggu pnye tunggu… akhirnya.. kemarin petang ( 20th July ) package arrived!! weeeeeeeeee…

Both are two strap Handbag ( big black chain bag and orange vintage sling bag ) really love the vintage sling bag!! PU leather..really2 nice!! Raya nnt nak travel jauh balik kampung.. beg2 cmni amatlah seswai! hehehehe

My new handbags!!! weeeeeeeee! suka!!



Online shopping ni lagik best kot… xde la penat nak jalan gi shopping…duduk jer da leh tgk bnyk2 site online shopping… Lagipun price mmg agak murah! i found the same big black handbag as i ordered above here at RM109.90 ( tu dah 10% discount )… Beli online cuma RM58 je ( postage RM7 ). The vintage sling bag is RM50 ( postage 7 ). So, memang berbaloi..Jimat masa dan Jimat duit..hehehe

Trusted site and senang je nak order..


My 2PM 2nd full album “Hands Up”

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Been waiting for this day..this moment to finally blog about my 2PM 2nd full album ‘Hands Up’! 16th July 2011 ( friday ) , received my Special Edition album!! yay!! freakin nervous and sweating when mom told me that the package are ripped!! and yes!! it ripped pretty bad!! thank god nothing is missing and everything is in good condition! special thanks to KakMon , Wawa and Myhottest sbb bersusah payah nak take care of everything…Jasamu dikenang!! ❤

2PM 2nd album ‘Hands Up’ Limited Edition comes with

13 track 2PM 2nd album cd

86p Photobook 1

36p Photobook 2

2PM calender ( June – Dec )

Malas nak tulis panjang2… let me serve ur eyes with the beautiful photos from the album! (^_^)v

I totally love this! Packaging is so neath! lovely!! and its Big!! didnt thought the Special Edition will be this big! LOL


The whole things!! <3333333


2PM calender!!! its only from July to December i wish they have next year calender too! LOL..Calender’s holder kinda like a photo frame is so cute!!! i can change any photo anytime!!


36 pages Photobook 1

gorgeous and beautiful photos of them taken on the yacht! luxurious 2PM!! and theres 1 photo of channie taken on the pool! topless!!! /i iz happy!! kekekekeke


86 pages Photobook 2

the cd were placed on the last page of the photobook…How i wish the cd is in a hardcase.. but since im not taking this cd to be play in the car or anywhere else so..its all good! it will forever stays in my 2PM collection’s drawer..coz its too precious to be taken here and there! LOL

The photos are taken in the club ( Zouk, Singapore ) and if u have seen the MV for Hands Up, this is the still images of it! 😀


2PM’s poster!!!


so! thats it!!!! all i can say is.. THIS!! is totally awesome!!!! ahhhh!!! HAPPY!! to the max!! kekekeke…I can just keep staring at this for hours!! kekekkeke

Hottest who haven’t buy this yet… please do so! Worth ur money!! not gonna regret it… not AT ALL!! ❤

Jeonggam <3

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Actually x tido lagik!! kekekekeke.. tetiba gi jalan2 kat twitter chansung and browsed through his twitpic! and found Jeonggam!! d’awwwwwwww…sweet!

Jeonggam is Chansung’s cat ( Lucky cat! )… and i called chansung, Jeonggam’s appa! and who’s Jeonggam’s omma?? ( pointed to self..kekeke )

Im not a cat person…but jeonggam is 1 fine cat!! i dont know what breed jeonggam is but hes a beautiful cat!! with dark grey fur color! /forever cute!!

Photo from Chansung’s twitpic on October 6th 2010~ at 1st i didnt realised theres a kitten sleeping on his shoulder!  ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ omg!! cuteness overload!!!!! this is the 1st photo of jeonggam along with chansung..


see how big he was now!!… eeeeee geram!!!!!!!! its amazing how we can actually see Jeonggam grew up!! feels like yesterday since chansung 1st twitpic him and he’s all grown up!!! by looking at those photos..i iz proud!! ❤


and this is my cat!! kekekekke


gambar bonus!

i believe this is junho’s cat, ggeomaengi  ( i don’t know how to spell that! kkk )


and this is wooyoung’s chick, piyak !

3AM entry

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Its 3.53am, friday…ahhh!! can’t believe its already friday!!…its been 1 week since im at my parent home!! wanna stay here forever!! kekekeke.. wanna just eat, sleep, watching tv and relax all day long!! if only that was a paid job! LOL..

Thinking about goin back to kk home this sunday!! suppose to be back on saturday..but im too lazy!! kekekekeke… full order on weekends but…let my cousin handle that!! ill do the rest next week!!!

For the whole 1 week im here..i still stressed out mostly in the morning because of client’s phonecall..sms..and emails..and my cousin can’t stop bothering me with questions and asking me to handle this and that…omg!!! im on a break!!! how could she possibly think i can handle things with a phonecalls only???? i don’t understand why she won’t talk to her clients?? ( her part is making cakes )..and she has this 1 attitude making things halfway!!… its hella hard for me when i know nothing yet u asked me to deal with clients!! urggghhhhh!! Last2, aku yg kena maki ngan clients!! hisshh!! sgt2 tak paham!!! xleh la nak tgk aku senang sket….

1 more problem…

we are ( CAKeWALK ) spttnya akan join this one event.. “Sabah Food Fest” on 30th and 31st July (next weekend) tapi kenduri family da decided on 30th… we could just pass this ‘kenduri’ but the thing is we’re handling the doorgifts… amat la mustahil nak wat 2 kerja dlm masa yg sama… mna nak handle food fest… kenduri lagik… huhuhu.. pening!!! then my cousin lak outstation from monday to friday nextweek! …no way im handling this by myself.. lepas da dlm sejam on phone with my cousin, still x mencapai apa2 keputusan muktamad lagi tp rasanya akan give up on the food fest!… coz kenduri keluarga tu mmg lagi penting… Kang xde kt kenduri, mama lak kecik ati….hmmmmm…. For me, any kind of events sure akan ader lagik next time…mmg syg if tak join coz this like a good opportunity for CAKeWALK..utk org lebih kenal CAKeWALK lagik but yeah… Family thingy is more important.. bila lagi nak berkumpul seisi keluarga kan?? da la mmg jarang nak ada msa family and sedara2 pnye function.. rasanya mmg kne pass la tuk event nie…


For the past 5 years.. CAKeWALK mmg bukak booth on Ramadhan’s month and this year…we gonna pass also… 😦 … Since my nephew is already working.. i don’t have enough helper… Tahun ni akan focus 1 benda je on Ramadhan.. which is making ‘kuih raya’…Good thing is, i might have a lot more free time than last year and order for cupcakes/cakes will be goin on ( last year i declined all orders for cakes and cupcakes dued to the business ). Still!! nak wat kuih raya.. sample x kluar lagik while clients da asek2 tnya nak sample biskut..kekekekeke.. and rasanya xnak buat bnyk sgt.. cam last year, beriya2 nak wat banyak2 biskut…last2 sndr pening coz baking x henti2 smpi pagi! kekekekek.. nak pokus dlm 5 atau 6 jenis biskut je…So hopefully everything went well on Ramadhan…InsyaAllah… 🙂

Enough about that… lets talk about something else!!! yeah!! im excited for my 2PM Hands Up album to be arrive!!! yay!!! kakmon already posted my parcel yesterday and im hoping for it to arrive today!!! or else i wont getting it sooner… coz im using mom’s office address and she will be goin to KL on saturday and only be back next wednesday!!.. sungguh x sabar!!! kekekekek…. ape2 jadik, kene sabar je laaa.. bkn nya xdpt kan???? so..its all good!! no worries!! 😀

I’ll write soon!! ni da nak jam 5am da…. xde la ngantuk…tp kene gak tido.. and im so freaking nervous for Music Bank later today!!! i want 2PM to get triple crown!!! geez!!! let them win!!!!!! hwaiting !!!!!!!!!

Ni gambar selingan hari ini!! kekekekke… my ‘madu’ mmg slalu je tweet mention me gmbr2 chansung… and this one really caught my eyes! (not the 1st time! kekekeke) ahhhh… he’s so handsome! and i love him!!! 😛

credit as tagged ❤


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Some people says its Macaron and some says its Macaroon! I’ve read here and there…Macaroon is the English Word also refer to the coconut macaroon, many have adopted the french spelling of Macaron to distinguised the two item in the English language.

So, ive been asking my friends on twitter on how macaron’s the big it it delicious?? Its so colorful and looks very cute!!

Then…suprise!suprise! my ALs friend, arin posted me some macaron!!! weeeeeeeeee… Package arrived yesterday, tuesday (12th July )… Im soooo happy!!!!! but sadly..out of 5 0r 6 macaron, only 2 in a good shape..others is crumbled 😦 … STILL!! thanks, Rin for the sweet treat!! ^-^v

Its a small cute red box from ‘ Chocolat World


tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. my macarons!!!!!! as you can see… only 2 of them are in good shape… i blame the national courier for not handling this very well… i know, its always risk to post food..but it has the fragile sticker so i suppose they would atleast handle it with care… sobsss…


I thought macaron’s size was like medium bites cookie but its really small! kekekek…. its a size of 50cent… and friends told me its expensive.. I’ve found 1 store that sell macarons here and its RM3 for 2.. yeah! thats expensive for me..


My own reviews on Macaron

Its super duper sweeeeeeeettttttttt!!!! I don’t think i can eat 2 or 3 in one time… for me 1 is enough.. Its consists of Icing sugar and Granulated sugar…and with buttercream or jam filling in the middle…wow wee…. thats a lot of sweetness in 1 whole bite! kekekeke… as for me who had a chance to taste it once..its all good.. If i have a free time, i would love to try to make these macarons by myself… hehehe…

to you, Arin… thank you so so much!!!!! ❤

~Home Sweet Home~

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I just wanna scream out loud rn!!

im finally taking my break from all the stress in kk home!!


I cant tell you how much ive been so unhappy and stress and tension when im in kk home! its not all about my business but yeah!!! its effected me in any ways possible.. i became depressed..good things.. im homeeeeeeeeeee…. no one but parents and my lovely brothers!!.. its been like a month since i last visit my parent home.. i miss everything here!!..

Thinking about getting a full 1 week break!!! orders are coming in but this time let my cousin handle that…Im gonna just sit back here..laid back..sleep, eat and watching tv all week! (hopefully) kekekekekeke….. Mood are pretty good and lively since im home!! thats what i want the most!! yeah!yeah!

Hopefully after this sweet escape.. i will be in good shape! clear mind and a good mood….InsyaAllah…

Bad things about being here is… BAD internet connection! TT TT….. i cant go a day without twitter..and to tweet seems the hardest thing to do here.. LOL… but i still can tweet..but not smooth as im in kk home…kekekekekke…

nvm! whats important is…i got my peace of mind here!! weeeeeee…

KK home…see u in a week!!!! kekkekkeekkekeke