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2PM’s Hands Up! full album

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12am KST, 20th June 2011 ( Monday )

2PM’s Hands Up full album released!!!!! asdfghjklkjajshdjgdkshfksl


Hands Up


Give It To Me




Without U

I`ll Be Back

I Can`t

Hands Up (East4A Mix)

Electricity (220v Mix)

Thank You

Don`t Stop Can`t Stop


My Personal favourite of coz HANDS UP!! I don’t how many times i listen to this song already!! Love everything about it!!!  Taec’ said, theres 119 times of ‘put’ in this song! LMAO!! Taecyeon is counting!! kekekekeke

I like 영화처럼 ‘LIKE A MOVIE’ too…feels like crying after i listen to this song..Composed by Oneway CHANCE…This song is so his style!!

Junho’s GIVE IT TO ME..ide….Im so proud of him!!! well composed!! He’s so talented!!! :DDD.. Beautiful!

ELECTRICITY!!! Love the beats of this song!! so catchy! and yeah!! Woo danced to this song on ‘Dream High’..

Junsu’s HOT!! wooohoooo!!!!! im a fan of this song when he sang this song back in 09 (2PM 1st fanmeeting) and im so happy this song included in the 2nd full album!


Got 4 vids of 4 songs [ENG+ROM+HAN] so far.. 

credit as tagged! thanks  of junkaystreet for this vids..

i’ll update later. 🙂


as for 10.30PM / 20th June 2011

2PM’s HANDS UP top all chart!!



credit to 2PMalways


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