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13th June 2011


After nearly 2 weeks off from business..the fun finally over! missing home already!! and im missing my bros moreeeee sobsss…Pretty busy yesterday.. but no stress doin works! coz im more like super excited!! 2PM released the  photos teaser for their new full album!!! yay!!!! Rasa nak pengsan je tgk gmbr2 tuh! ekekekkeke..They all looks good! and luxurious!!! kkkkkkk…

Check out the photo teaser here! 😀


More, More excited because my package arrived today!!!!! Its from my good friend Ghiro/Nad !! She’s Just back from her holiday at Seoul, Korea! so, mintak tolong kat die tuk belikan i few things.. And yeah..Got all i need! 🙂

Nak sgt2 Magnetic tuh! adding to my fridge collection! my friends do travel alot and when they visited places ive always ask them to buy me fridge magnetic..LOL~ Got the Korean Spoon and Chopstick too!! so unique! Lepas ni, Leh la peeling2 makan ala2 korean! kekekeke /ngade!~The one with butterfly in it was nad’s gift to me..d’awwwwww..super suka! coz its butterfly!! Gonna use that as my book mark..though masa membaca sgtlah berkurangan but still i gonna finish reading what ive started.. 🙂


1 headband and 2 hairclips!! love it!!! 🙂

ehem..Hwang Yune itu adalah saya ye… sbb da kawen ngan Chansung! kekekekek


2PM DSCS’s Mini towel (unofficial)..


It’s skin Macaron lipbalm!! weeeeeee

Really want this..why?? bcoz ..Khun endorsed this product!!! and ofcoz i think this one is the cheapest It’s skin products that 2PM endorsed! LOL!…

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


2PM Special Edition Mini Poloroid

OMG!!! been wanting this for so longgg…and finally!! its in my hand!! sobs!  the photocards iz good!!

( it will be randomly in my purse everyday!kekekekek….)

Since im not buying the latest/new 2PM’s photocards (too expensive)! this will do! 🙂


CAT cape/blanket!

asdfghjkl…weeeee…so happy to get this!!!! since 2PM wore this cape..offcoz its on my ‘to get’ list! keukeukeukeu…and i can feel warm in it! (LOL!..mcm la negara kita ni penah sejuk gile!)….tapi seyes..msa pki cape nih, gile berpeluh! kain die tebal sgt..klu kat korea ok la kan? ader musim sejuk..kat sni xde la pulak..xpe…leh je peeling2 lebih konon2 sejuk sbb nak pki bnda nih! ahhhh~~~ feels good!


Below~Photo and Video of 2PM wore this ‘CAT CAPE’ ❤


Once again…Thanks Nad coz sudi gak belikan barang2 nie..aku takut je ko susah payah nak bawak balik mesia n takut kne charge luggage…hehehhe… Kang aku gi Korea (InsyaAllah)..Vice versa, Okey?? Love you! 😀


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  1. Where did you get the 2PM kitty blanket?


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