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Andy’s 26th Birthday

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Its my brother, Andy 26th Birthday today!!!

I am glad im home for his birthday…No fancy celebration coz he don’t want to and mom are not here too..

Gave him a suprise bday present at 12am 3rd of June!! hell yeah! he’s Happy!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

The present are so small that i have to wrapped it in a big fancy tin and paper bag so that he wouldnt recognize ive gave him what he want! kekekeke…. he’s been a big fan of Britney Spears since ‘Hit me baby one more time’ era! and he still her biggest fan today!! so im happy giving the latest CD of Britney Spears as his 25th birthday present.

“Happy 26th Birthday, Little bro!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday eventhough its not a big celebration party! You’ve always wanted a private celebration which is only involved our little family.. You’re the best brother anyone could have! and im so lucky to have you as my brother! i adored you and i love you so much!! thank you coz u always there taking care of mom and dad!! Lets live another year full of joy and excitement journey!!! I LOVE YOU!! “

**Im going to cook for the Birthday Boy today! kekekekekeek…


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